CHILECIDIO (or how a country is capable of committing suicide)


CHILECIDIO (or how a country is capable of committing suicide). The blindness of Chileans is shocking, and has led them to the suicide of the country, as the saying goes: "There is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see".

The mental health problems of Chileans have long been a matter of concern. According to data from the National Health Survey (ENS), one in five people have had a mental illness in the last year.

Mental health problems affect to a greater extent people with lower educational levels, younger people, women and have a particular impact on people of indigenous peoples.

Chile has one of the highest suicide rates in the region, with 11 people per 100,000 inhabitants dying of self-harm. Suicide is the act of deliberately taking one's own life. Suicidal behavior is any action that could lead a person to die.

While some people have or have had suicidal behavior or suicidal ideation throughout their lives, can a society engage in suicidal behavior? 

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The answer is yes, and we were able to corroborate it with the results of the weekend elections in one of the most important electoral elections in the recent history of the country, Chile elected this Saturday and Sunday the people who will represent them in the elaboration of a new Constitution. The election also included representatives for mayors and governors. With only 43% participation, the convention that will draft the new Constitution will be dominated by the left and independent candidates (mostly of Marxist tendency).

On the other hand, the results of the mayoralties, gave a high percentage of winners to representatives of the communist party, in fact, the most important Municipality of the country was in the hands of a communist.


For a couple of years now, Chile has been witnessing the communist disaster in Venezuela, with thousands of immigrants fleeing from the regime, escaping repression and hunger, so how can it be explained that in the face of such a background, Chileans have voted for the communists?

The blindness of Chileans is shocking, and has led them to the suicide of the country, as the saying goes: "There is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see".

The progressive discourse that took over the Chilean society, has permeabilized the minds of Chileans, in such a way that it even deconstructed the idea of communism to make citizens believe that they were voting for change, against Pinochet's constitution, for democracy and freedom and a series of chameleonic epithets that even made people believe that this was modernity and that communism was a thing of the past and Oh! Surprise! Like a Trojan horse

Trojan horse the communists have swept these elections, both the paper communists (the official ones), as well as those disguised under other names, such as; "Frente Amplio¨" (Marxism 2.o), independents (all Marxists), "coalición apruebo Dignidad "etc.,

This leads us to a 40 year setback, that is to say, it has been a suicide with all its letters, or at least a suicide assisted by the Trojan horse of communism.

If people had a minimum of reading comprehension, a minimum of information, a minimum of observation (looking at the Venezuelan immigrants), but they are blinded, almost as if hypnotized, putting the noose around their necks, like automatons.

On the other hand, the traditional Right has been discredited by the actions of a traitor president who has not known how to lead a country that was economically stable and that was steps away from leaving the third world, with a cowardly political sector that never knew how to defend its ideas; out of fear, out of comfort, out of idleness and cowardice, they have also contributed to put together this suicidal noose.


We must not forget that this apocalyptic process began with violence, and not just any violence, a violence that included looting, the burning of the subway (the most important transportation service of the capital), the destruction of historical monuments, the scratching of the streets and a series of montages blaming the carabineros for the situation.

Of that already more than a year and a half ago, where the violence never stopped, only minimized or changed territory (guerrillas in the south), only the pandemic appeased the strength of the insurrection, an insurrection traced from the neo-Marxist texts of Guattari and Tiqqun , specifically from the book "Contribution to the ongoing war", whose cover has the figure of a young man jumping a turnstile, exactly as the events of that black week of October began, when high school students began to jump the turnstiles of the subway, hours later those stations were burned. This model was later tried to be replicated in the United States and other Latin American countries such as Paraguay and Colombia (with not so good results).

I keep asking myself then, how is it possible that Chileans have endorsed the destruction of their own cities? How is it possible that through violence they have been convinced that this was a good thing for the country?

The mental health of the Chilean, sick with hatred, a hatred that the left has been injecting into the conscience of Chileans for 40 years and appropriating the cultural, judicial and even military bases of the country has inoculated a suicidal, sick conscience that has been fed with drugs and alcohol, in every corner, in every office, in every school, in every home.

The dirty streets, the scratched facades (in the most beautiful and emblematic places of the city), the people in tents living in the streets (it is not poverty like in Argentina where I have seen families in the streets, here they are men and women alienated by drugs and alcohol), the increase of delinquency, which walks through the cities with impunity stealing and robbing people in their cars, turning a city that less than 2 years ago was the safest in Latin America into a Russian roulette of robbery, (this product of the campaign to discredit the carabineros) are not enough to make Chileans wake up to this romanticization of poverty that they have put in their heads. As if being poor, filthy and ugly made you more worthy, in the search for a misunderstood and always abajista equality. They have been belittling entrepreneurs for decades, changing categories, denigrating the effort to earn money and romanticizing a chimera.


The extreme seriousness of the mental health of Chileans is evident in the inconsistency of their actions. Several of the elected candidates have or have had problems with justice. Such is the case of Machi Lincolao, an indigenous woman elected as a constituent and accused of being the mastermind of the crime of a married couple of businessmen in the south of Chile, who were burned alive.

Another case is the communist deputy Hugo Gutiérrez, a fugitive from justice for not appearing in court due to a lawsuit filed by the army for slander against him.

The elected mayors of the municipalities of San Ramón and Punta Arenas, the first one about to be formalized for corruption and linked to drug trafficking and the second one investigated for illicit enrichment. Another shocking case is that of the elected mayoress of the commune of Santiago (the most important in the country) who hid the millionaire patrimony she has to run, besides having strong ties with the groups that vandalized the capital (white claw and antifas), also the candidate of Viña del Mar Macarena Ripamonti presents complaints for theft.

Another case is Jorge Sharp, reelected mayor of Valparaíso, accused of notable neglect of duties, before a city destroyed, looted and turned into a garbage dump (a UNESCO World Heritage City).

If these are the candidates elected by "the people", in search of "dignity", can you explain to me what is the psychiatric problem that Chileans have?

The dignity of stealing, of vandalizing, of destroying, is that for Chileans dignity?

The problem here is not the pig, we know beforehand that communism relies on delinquency to achieve its goals, the problem is who feeds that pig.

The problem is who feeds that pig, and those have been the Chileans, who every day complain about the increase of delinquency, but nevertheless vote for delinquents, clearly submerged in a schizophrenia that has led them to suicide.

For the Chilean political scientist Juan Cristóbal Demian the schizoid aspect mentioned is ideological rather than clinical, it is an anthropological conception of the human being as lacking a natural psyche, which in the philosophical and psychological plane resides in the approaches of the "schizoanalysis" proposed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. Under this perspective we can see the person reduced to a corporeality that produces its own unconscious as a territory of political warfare and that revolts against that which limits the desire that is the product of such production. If we understand that desire escapes from a human condition based on traditional values and, moreover, it is by way of the flow that all corporeality (human being) gives free rein to its desire without individual distinction, therefore, without canons of moral limitation, it appeals in the rite (understood from its perspective as schizophrenic language, that is, without limitations between the internal and the external) to an a-civilizing civilizing condition, that is, without morality, without law, without purpose, without anything. This also symbolizes the deterritorialization that occurred in the Plaza Baquedano with the claudication of the technocratic government of Sebastián Piñera when it removed the monument to General Baquedano due to the threat of the urban guerrillas to destroy it, the absence of the statue is a symbol, a monument to nothing, to the insurrection that does not seek to found anything.

Few hopes are glimpsed, before a white coup d'état given by the left, with a traitor president and with a congress and now a constituent assembly plagued by Marxists, little remains of that future that was glimpsed for Chile less than two years ago.

Deicide is an expression that refers to the act of killing a god or divinity, in this case it is not a divinity, nor a person, but a country, so what name could we give to this disaster?

CHILECIDIO, perhaps as a generic name for a country that puts the noose around its neck and enjoys it

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Patricia Bravo Farias is a journalist and co-host of the Radio and Television Channel of Santiago de Chile, #RSTChile and Correspondent of the digital publication "El Minuto" Chile

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