Will the Human Rights Council condemn the Taliban?

Will the Human Rights Council condemn the Taliban?Will the Human Rights Council composed of dictatorships condemn the Taliban?. We will have to wait for a report in the first quarter of 2022. Afghanistan: UN talks of summary executions and sets a red line for the Taliban.

Michelle Bachelet, head of the United Nations Human Rights Council, on Tuesday called for strong measures to investigate reports of rights violations by the Taliban, which include killings, recruitment of child soldiers, restrictions on women's rights and repression. 


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Taliban Advances as US Exits

Taliban Advances as US Exits

Afghan militia forces stand guard at an outpost as they patrol against the Taliban fighters in the Tange Farkhar area of Taloqan in northern Takhar province on July 6, 2021. (Photo by NASEER SADEQ/AFP via Getty Images)

Taliban Advances as US Exits. Taliban forces have surged as Joe Biden pulled the last of U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. All troops were set to be fully withdrawn by September 11 as the U.S. Central Command announced on Tuesday the drawdown was 90 percent complete.

Experts warned of a foreign policy disaster as the Taliban continues to push Afghan government forces out of multiple territories and gain control of weapons. 1,000 Afghan military members fled the country to Tajikistan, but efforts have been made for them to rejoin the fight against the Taliban. 

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Understanding Islamist Extremism

Understanding Islamist Extremism

Islamic extremism is driven by a totalitarian interpretation of Islam that believes in a global Islamic state.
Get the basics from Clarion Project analyst Ryan Mauro.

What is Islamic Extremism?

Islamic extremism is driven by an interpretation of Islam that believes that Islamic law, or sharia, is an all-encompassing religious-political system. Since it is believed to be proscribed by Allah (Arabic for “God”) sharia must be enforced in the public sphere by a global Islamic state. As such, Islamic extremists consider it to be the only truly legitimate form of governance and reject democracy and human rights values.

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Cultural Marxism

Research finds crt in schools not about racial discrimination

Research Finds CRT in Schools Not About Racial Discrimination

Just the News
Research Finds CRT in Schools Not About Racial Discrimination. Research surprise: Embrace of CRT, 'diversity' agendas in schools not correlated with race. Pilot study of San Diego County school districts finds many dominated by "underrepresented minorities" eschew these controversial concepts. A school district's… Read full article
Where are the Feminists

Where are the Feminists?

Where are the Feminists?. While the Taliban barbarically repress women in Afghanistan, toxic feminists wage a war against American men. Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Bruce Bawer’s excellent Frontpage article "Where Are the Gays?" paints a chilling portrait of the imminent torture, execution and amputations that await… Read full article
space force officer punished after denouncing marxism

Space Force Officer, Punished After Denouncing Marxism

The Space Force officer who was removed from his command post for condemning Marxism and critical race theory is leaving the military. Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” that his last day in the service will be Sept. 1. “I wrote a letter to then-Acting Secretary of the Air Force… Read full article
utah blm founder us flag a hate symbol

Utah BLM Founder: US Flag a Hate Symbol

Utah BLM Founder: US Flag a "Hate" Symbol. In a Facebook post made on Independence Day, Utah’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) Chapter wrote that the American flag is “a symbol of hatred” and those flying are “racist.” “When we Black Americans see this flag, we know the person flying it is not safe to be around,” the post… Read full article

Socialist War in US

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