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Why Does the Left Dishonor MLK?

Why Does the Left Dishonor MLK?

Why Does the Left Dishonor MLK?.

The truth is that Martin Luther King, Jr. was not a socialist. The left hates him because he believed in our great nation and advocated for a colorblind society.


As the United States honors Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK), the American Left has been comprehensively engaged in dismantling his work, belief system, and legacy. MLK believed in America and embraced her exceptionalism creed. Equality under the law, in a colorblind society, was what the civil rights activist peacefully fought for. Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Biden-Harris administration, the Democratic Party, Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) pundits, and corporate media are just some of leftism’s entourage that antithetically seek to deconstruct MLK’s dream.

There are vast philosophical, epistemological, and methodological differences between the civil rights movement that MLK founded and lead, and the socialist revolution that CRT activists conspire to bring about. The Left’s source of knowledge that underpins its actions are worlds apart from MLK’s. The BLM’s strategy for dealing with perceived deficiencies in race relations contradicts the Baptist minister’s mode of challenging the system.

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Democrats Will Cheat Their Way into the 2022 Midterm Elections

Democrats Will Cheat Their Way into the 2022 Midterm Elections

Democrats Will Cheat Their Way into the 2022 Midterm Elections.

If the country can survive this latest deconstruction maneuver, it should make it to the midterm elections without any problems.


The Democrats are in desperation mode. They can already feel the red wave of the 2022 midterm elections that will block their chances to make America socialist. President Joe Biden embarrassed himself further and additionally alienated his party from the American people with a ludicrously charged speech in Georgia on Tuesday on electoral laws. Aside from the Trump derangement components of the presidential rant, it signaled the Democrat’s 2022 midterm election strategy: repeat the 2020 mail-in cheating scheme.

“The goal of the former president and his allies is to disenfranchise anyone who votes against them… That’s the kind of power you see in totalitarian states, not in democracies,” Biden insisted. The radicalness of the president’s language is in sync with his party’s leadership.

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Interview with Irina Vilariño: A Success Story of a Cuban Restaurant

Interview with Irina Vilariño: A Success Story of a Cuban Restaurant

Interview with Irina Vilariño: A Success Story of a Cuban Restaurant.

A republican political system, with its natural economic complement of a free enterprise model, brings out the best in people.


When Fidel Castro loosened the cracks on the Mariel Boatlift of 1980 —an attempted face-saving reactive strategy after the humiliation of having over 10,000 Cubans storm the Peruvian Embassy in Havana in less than 24 hours in search of freedom— the Cuban dictator had no idea how much talent and entrepreneurship spirit was leaving Cuba. The Vilariño family is one such example.

Interview with Irina Vilarino A Success Story of Cuban RestaurantA republican political system, with its natural economic complement of a free enterprise model, brings out the best in people. The scope of freedom, hard work and individual initiative to overcome obstacles show that great things are indeed possible in the United States.

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Shen Yun: Classical Dance at the Service of Freedom

Shen Yun: Classical Dance at the Service of Freedom

Shen Yun: Classical Dance at the Service of Freedom.

The oligarchic mafia, which relies on global partners like Communist China to spread its poison, has been heroically challenged in the cultural sphere.


Freedom’s most ardent front is being fought in the cultural realm. Therefore, when a major performing arts production company decides to do a world tour that promotes traditional values, a transcendental ethos, and directly challenges the world’s most powerful menace to liberty, it warrants support. This is why I went to see Shen Yun 2022: China Before Communism.

Although prompted to attend for moral principles and political conviction, the experience went further. Cultural Marxism and postmodernism’s dictatorship of relativism, as Pope Benedict XVI called it, has animated symptoms like Cancel Culture, woke propaganda, fundamentalist secularism, and identarian paganism. Private institutions, once esteemed components of civil society, have been hijacked and are now revered leaders in this materialist crusade against piety, republican governance, family, and natural law manifestations like freedom.

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Jan. 6: One year after the U.S. Capitol riot

Jan. 6: One year after the U.S. Capitol riot there are still no charges of insurrectionJan. 6: One year after the U.S. Capitol riot there are still no charges of insurrection.
Insurrections are organized acts of violence that aim for the overthrow of a political system, and they have happened throughout Central and South America.

Julio M. ShilingAuthor Julio M. Shiling  January 6, 2022

This Jan. 6 marks one year since a group of people, mostly Trump supporters, made an illegal entry into the U.S. Capitol Building on the day a joint session of Congress was set to convene to formally certify Joe Biden as president.

The Left, firmly in control of the Democratic Party has found in the events of Jan. 6, its version of the 1933 Reichstag fire tragedy, which was used to justify escalated police state measures throughout Germany.

First, and most importantly, labeling the J6 incident an “insurrection” is obscene and fraudulent. It abuses language and concepts that have already an established legal definition, which is clearly guided by political objectives. This is because the events of Jan. 6 did not amount to an “insurrection.”

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A Bogus ‘Insurrection’

A Bogus ‘Insurrection’

A Bogus ‘Insurrection’.

The claims that the January 6 riots were an organized plot to take over the U.S. government have been debunked by the FBI.


The left, which today includes the DNC, mainstream media, and Big Tech, along with a few dissident Republicans (Never Trumpers), barefacedly refer to the January 6 Capitol Building breach (J6) as an “insurrection.” This is deceitful and petty. It undermines American democracy. This is done, not out of ignorance: it is a targeted maneuver shielded by postmodern and cultural Marxists’ demolition of language, meaning, and concepts, that suits political ends. 

There is an unequivocal precision of what an “insurrection” is, given its legal ramification. The J6 incident, unambiguously, does not fall within its categorization. Not even remotely. As the FBI concluded in August 2021, after investigating for more than seven months, there was no centralized plan directed by Donald Trump, his administration, or any group or movement, including those labeled as “far-right.” The theory that there existed a plot to interfere with the business of Congress or unlawfully enter the Capitol was falsified by the FBI.

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What Could Happen to the Cuban Regime in 2022

What Could Happen to the Cuban Regime in 2022

What Could Happen to the Cuban Regime in 2022.

A military solution for the liberation of Cuba must not be rejected under any circumstances.


In 2021, events in Cuba paradoxically ran in a counter direction to happenings in the rest of Latin America. While far-left movements gained power or momentum throughout the region, the island was a hotbed of open mass resistance against the now sixty-three-year-old communist dictatorship. Given the fact that Latin American socialism is imperialistically commandeered from Havana, this situation is ironic but, nonetheless, a cold fact. In 2022, Cuba could (or should) go in the direction of further regime decay and weakening.

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The Story Saint Francis and First Nativity Scene

The Story Saint Francis and First Nativity Scene

The Story Saint Francis and First Nativity Scene.

As we celebrate this very special event, may the humility and magnanimous strength of Saint Francis guide us to keep our path ever closer to the One to whom we owe everything.


The Nativity scene, the recreation in the imagery of the birth of the Infant Jesus, is a staple of Christian tradition around Christmastime. This idea and custom can be attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, one of the most influential figures of Christianity, especially the Catholic Church. With a world principally illiterate for most of history, Catholicism has stressed the importance of utilizing the arts to facilitate the understanding of religious doctrine, observance, and praxis. St. Francis has transformed the Church and many of its policies in ways unknown to a great number of people. The mystic from Assisi, for example, broadened the message of humility after his experience in San Damiano Church where, while praying before the Byzantine Crucifix, Jesus addressed him saying “Francis, go and repair my church.” The need for “repairs” was not for the physical conditions of the cited church and monastery in Assisi, but of the Church itself.

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Schumpeter and Lesson’s from Chile’s Debacle

Schumpeter and Lesson’s from Chile’s Debacle

Schumpeter and Lesson’s from Chile’s Debacle.

Economist Joseph Schumpeter predicted that as voting rights are extended, politicians would lure the poor class into voting for socialism, leading to a complete overturn of the capitalist system—despite the economic successes of the latter system. Chile serves as the latest example of this chilling, but demonstrably true, theory.


Joseph Schumpeter may well help us better understand the debacle that was Chile’s 2021 presidential election result of Sunday, December 19. Far-left candidate Gabriel Boric easily won with 55.87% of the vote, defeating conservative Jose Antonio Kast, a staunch defender of free markets and republican governance. How could arguably Latin America’s basket case of success in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, measured by socio-economic indicators, have gone for a Marxist sympathizer?.

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The World Stage and its Useless Condemnations and Speeches Against Cuba

The World Stage and its Useless Condemnations and Speeches Against Cuba

The World Stage and its Useless Condemnations and Speeches Against Cuba.

There’s no question that Cubans appreciate calls for basic decency. This, however, has proven useless—the European Union and the United Nations must give real meaning to their desire to help the Cuban people.


By a count of 393 to 150, the European Parliament voted on Thursday, December 16, to condemn the communist regime in Cuba for its brutal crackdown following the Civic March for Change (15N) on November 15. Even including the 119 abstentions, the European deputies solidly supported chastising the Cuban dictatorship’s reaction to the popular demands for systemic change on the island. Additionally, the parliament’s declaration called for the release of the over 800 political prisoners languishing in jail since the 11th of July Cuban Insurrection (11J)

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