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Navarro: Art of the steal report

Navarro Art of the steal report

Navarro: Art of the steal report. Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and Assistant to the President Peter Navarro released a thirty-two page report on election fraud earlier this morning.

Titled “The Art of the Steal,” the report is the sequel to a prior report of Navarro’s on election irregularities that alleged outright voter fraud, ballot mishandling, contestable process fouls, equal protection clause violations, voting machine irregularities, and significant statistical anomalies.

A summary from the first report of the election irregularities alleged and which states they were present in is summarized by the chart below:

As for the new report, the key claims made are as follows:

  • Key methods used by the Democrat Party to strategically game America’s presidential election included changes in the law approved by State Legislatures; rule changes and new guidance initiated by Secretaries of State or other election officials; court rulings and interventions; and the aggressive use of so-called “public-private partnerships” to commandeer and manipulate the election process in key Democrat strongholds.
  • The Democrat Party used a two-pronged Grand “Stuff the Ballot Box” Strategy to flood six key battleground states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
  • Prong One of the Democrat Party’s Grand Strategy used seven basic gambits to dramatically INCREASE the flood of absentee and mail-in ballots: relaxing mail-in and absentee ballot rules;  sending absentee or mail-in ballots or applications for such ballots to every voter (universal mailing); increasing both the legal and illegal use of drop boxes; ballot harvesting; and the use of corrupted voting machines.
  • Prong Two of the Democrat Party’s Grand Strategy used five additional gambits to dramatically DECREASE the level of scrutiny of the new flood of absentee and mail-in ballots into the battleground states: relaxation of ID verification; reduced signature matching requirements;  illegally counting naked ballots to increase ballot curing – both legal and illegal; and reduced poll watching and observing.
  • This pincer movement resulted in a FLOOD of illegal ballots into the battleground states more than sufficient to tip the scales from a decisive legal win by President Trump to a narrow and illegitimate alleged “victory” by Joe Biden.

Give the full report a read for yourself *HERE*.

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Author: Matt Palumbo
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