What is Gender Ideology?

Gender ideology is a comprehensive belief system which argues against one's sex being a natural and biologically determined phenomena, but rather espouses the notion that culture, established norms and social constraints are the determinant factors of one’s gender “identity”. In other words, the issue of gender is one premised upon self-perception, without limits as to how many gender classifications can exist and one can self-perceive one to be. Additionally, this can be a transitioning phenomenon and one in constant flux.

Gender ideology seeks to coopt political power thereby having the ability to legally enforce challenging viewpoints to this cosmovision. This includes criminalizing speech, social activity or any manifestation that intellectually or morally challenges this radical ideology. It is another tenet of Marxism, of the cultural variant. The ultra-left has sought to not recognize this categorization, as it clearly discloses the premises that sustain these viewpoints and mentalizations, which firmly ignore the undisputable scientific factors of biology and genetics and proposes to substitute this for identity speculations of self-perceptions. In its place and as part of its methodology to permeate society with this belief system, Gender Ideology promotes itself as an interdisciplinary academic field which include titles such as “Gender Studies”, “Queer Studies” or “LGBT Studies” among others.