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Gender ideology and the attack on children

Transgender reader three

Gender ideology and the attack on childrenNV public officials learn truth about drag queens.

A one-man army has stopped the efforts of drag queens, at least for now, at some Nevada public libraries.

In the county of Churchill, population 25,000, Geoff Knell was determined to keep the drag queens from reading to innocent children in his county. So he showed up, again and again, at public meetings until his concerns were heard.

Knell is associated with MassResistance, the grassroots group that depends on motivated and unafraid activists to fight Leftists in the school board meetings and to counter-protest in the streets.

Knell, who lives in Fallon, witnessed the drag queen story hours popping up in other Nevada counties but was determined to stop it in Churchill.

“That drove me,” he tells OneNewsNow, “to go forward to the commissions, the city commissions, school boards, and youth committees in my county.”

What helped Knell reach public officials is the drag queens themselves. MassResistance has persistently reviewed their sordid social media accounts, pointing out the homosexual debauchery, perverse partying, hints of prostitution, and even sex-crime convictions that are hidden from public view when it is story-reading time in front of the children.

Knell says he learned many of the public officials are Bible-believing Christians, so he pressed them about allowing what he calls “triple-X men” being allowed to read to children.

Knell's story of educating and challenging public officials, who often ran from him due to the controversy, is recounted here.

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