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The Battle for Santiago

The Battle for Santiago

The Battle for Santiago.

After the last May elections, where inexplicably the citizenship elected candidates for the constituent convention from independent sectors, but with a Marxist cut (with minimal participation of voters) and where the main commune of the country, Santiago, elected a communist candidate (with minimal voting and dubious scrutiny), the citizenship woke up from its lethargy and achieved an unprecedented (informal) union between sectors of the population, The citizenship woke up from its lethargy and achieved an unprecedented (informal) union between sectors of the Christian Democracy and the right wing in order not to elect as Governor of the Metropolitan Region (the main area of the country) the candidate of the Frente Amplio (Broad Front) as Governor of the Metropolitan Region (the main area of the country). 

They strongly criticized each other in the first round. Claudio Orrego said that she was inexperienced, while Karina Oliva called him arrogant, of being closer to the right than to the center-left. Although a runoff was expected in Santiago, there were surprises on the night of May 17. Orrego (DC), who was the favorite, obtained 25.52%, while Karina Oliva (Frente Amplio), unexpectedly reached 23.37%, so both had to face each other in the second round.

Classic Center Left

Claudio Orrego is presided by Rogelio Zúñiga, and for the construction of his program, he carried out from January until the first round, more than 70 citizen meetings to gather the needs of the region. Calling for the unity of the center-left, he incorporated to his campaign his two former opponents for the governorship and other political personalities that are part of his team, but he never thought that in his triumph he should thank the right wing, which although not in its totality, again had to vote for the lesser evil, in front of a candidate that was out of all probity scheme.

Claudio Orrego has been councilman and mayor for Peñalolén, biminister of Housing, Urbanism and National Assets, former presidential candidate of the DC and Intendant of Santiago, he is a political animal with knowledge of action, charisma and democratic character.

Becoming a Meme

Karina Oliva, belongs to the broad front, a political conglomerate that emerged a few years ago with those who idealistic (leftist), but have been becoming a kind of lackeys of communism,

representing all the ideas of the most dangerous progressivism. Intimate friend of the new communist mayor of the commune of Santiago, they intended to take the axis of power in order to put the red carpet to the communist candidate for the presidency Daniel Jadue, current mayor of the commune of Recoleta. In this new phase, they are betting on making their presence felt in the different communes.

Green-scarfed, pro-abortion, defender of the insurrection and destruction of the city (like the newly elected mayor), she had all the sympathy of the youngest and most radicalized sector of the population, until a communication error cost her the vote of several of her most rational followers.

Oliva thinks that the use of social networks, which has been important in her platform, and the appearance in the media, but it was precisely the use of her social networks that played against her. In a live interview with "Naya Fácil", a well-known activist prostitute, quite vulgar, commented that her 13-year-old daughter was her fan. From then on he was the laughing stock of the social networks, becoming a viral meme, where the question was: Who convinced you to vote for Orrego? And the answer was Karina Oliva, or Naya Fácil.

Even so, the race was close and Orrego was on the ropes, due to all the political apparatus that the more radicalized left has (voter's carriage among others). Finally, it was the right wing, before the terror of handing the road on a platter to Jadue and the possibility of communism being established in the country, which gave the triumph to Orrego, who is a person with political management and education.

This is how we are in Chile, choosing the lesser evil, something that is very likely to be repeated in the next elections with the candidate Joaquín Lavín, whom a great part of the right wing does not like because of his approach to progressivism, but who is undoubtedly better than a communist in power, because we already know that when communism arrives it never leaves again. Unfortunately there is a large percentage of Chileans who have been brainwashed by the promises of "a better country" and who minimize the fact of what communism really means, even though we have thousands of Venezuelan immigrants who have escaped from it. As the saying goes: "There is no one worse blind than the one who does not want to see".

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