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Why Don’t Haitians Immigrate to Cuba - Paradise for the Poor, According to Democrats?

Why Don’t Haitians Immigrate to Cuba - Paradise for the PoorWhy Don’t Haitians Immigrate to Cuba - Paradise for the Poor, According to Democrats? Are they unaware of the Garden of Eden Castro and Che created there?.

“Haitians who landed in Cuba return to their country,” recently reported Dominican Today. The first group of 586 Haitian migrants, of the 842 who landed nine days ago on the coast of the central Cuban province of Villa Clara, returned to their country of origin…the rest of the migrants are expected to return by air between this Friday and Saturday, the director of the Red Cross in Villa Clara,…The boat capsized on May 24 off the coast of Villa Clara when trying to reach the United States.”

Yes, thousands of desperate Haitians pile aboard floating junk heaps and set off across hundreds of miles of storm-tossed, shark-infested Atlantic waters for Florida. If their luck holds, they'll make landfall. If it keeps holding, within a year they'll be scrubbing congealed grease and burnt macaroni off pots in some greasy spoon for minimum wage. 

Are they crazy? Heck, they won't even qualify for reparations! 


Don't they realize that a scant 60 miles to their east lies Shangri-La? Haven't they heard about this Garden of Eden for the downtrodden, the oppressed-- and especially--the black? Didn't they hear Eleanor Clift during the Elian tragedy? "To be a poor child in Cuba may be better than being a poor child in Miami." 

Are they oblivious to how the Castro brothers and Che Guevara, possessing the combined virtues of Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Robin Hood, Mother Teresa, Moses and El Cid, converted a hopelessly corrupt, racist and squalor-ridden Caribbean island into the Emerald City? 

Haven’t they read the official Black Lives Matter eulogy for Fidel Castro? “We are thankful that Fidel Castro provided a space where the traditional spiritual work of African people could flourish, regardless of his belief system. As Fidel ascends to the realm of the ancestors, we summon his guidance, strength, and power as we recommit ourselves to the struggle for universal freedom. Fidel Vive!”

Are they oblivious to how the black author of the highly-acclaimed 1619 Project described her visit to Cuba? “This summer (2008) I (Nikole Hannah-Jones) traveled to Cuba with six journalists, documenting the experiences of the African diaspora in the Western Hemisphere for the Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies in North Carolina. While there, I found a Cuba you may not know. A Cuba with a 99.8 percent literacy rate, the lowest HIV infection rate in the Western Hemisphere, free college and health care…When Castro took power, fewer than one-quarter of Cubans were literate. Many couldn't afford school. One of Castro's first acts was to universalize education…. Cuba's universal health care system is seen by many as a world model.”

Maybe these desperate Haitians are unaware that black U.S. President Barack Obama himself joined the chorus upon his visit to the Castroite Garden of Eden in 2016: “Medical care–the life expectancy of Cubans is equivalent to that of the United States, despite it being a very poor country, because they have access to health care. That’s a huge achievement. They should be congratulated!” 

Too bad these desperate Haitians weren’t in the vicinity of  Manhattan’s Riverside Church on Sept. 9, 2000 when the delirious and thundering chants of “VIVA FIDEL!...FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!”  shook the stately Church’s very rafters—all  in honor of the racist war-monger who came within a whisker of nuking the Riverside Church (and everything for miles around it)--some years earlier.

“FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FIDEL! --VIVA FIDEL!” The overflow crowd (which included Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel) could hardly control their excitement at finally seeing - in the flesh! - the mass-murderer who craved to nuke their nation and denounced it as “a vulture preying on humanity!”

 “VIVA FIDEL!...FIDEL!-FIDEL!-FI-DEL!” continued chanting the relentlessly “progressive” crowd at America’s most notoriously “progressive” church—in honor of the jailer and torturer of the most black, women and gay political prisoners in the modern history of the Western Hemisphere.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” the enraptured crowd added in honor of the racist, terror-sponsoring mass-murderer’s birthday a week earlier.

"I came to Harlem,” deadpanned the smiling mass-murderer as the welcoming tumult finally waned on that memorable Harlem evening of Sept. 8, 2000, “because I knew it was here that I would find my best friends." Sadly, no cameras were focused on Maxine Waters’ face at that moment. But if you recall Ann Margaret’s face while gazing at Conrad Birdie—you probably get the picture.

(Don’t miss this video clip of the jailer and torturer of the longest suffering black political prisoners in the Western Hemisphere acknowledging his absolutely RAPTUROUS welcome in Harlem, which he almost nuked.)

Apparently those poor Haitians remain oblivious to the above. And a few of them have personal experience to refute the likes of Barack Obama and Maxine Waters: “I can see that .is much more impoverished than Haiti,” observed Gelsy Laveque a Haitian visitor to Cuba a few years ago in. “People here in Cuba are all sad. I watch on Cuban TV how they say Haitians are all poor. But in reality we’re less poor than Cubans. Yes, my family is poor but we have a car. We’re never hungry and were free and generally happy. Cubans, come to Haiti, we have a country much better and happier than yours.” 

Humberto FontovaAuthor: Humberto Fontova. He is a political scientist, writer, blogger, commentator, speaker and columnist. Humberto was born in Havana Cuba in 1954 and fled Cuba in 1961 with his family to New Orleans while his father was a political prisoner of Castro and Che. He has lived in the New Orleans area since 1961, earning a B.A. in Political Science from the University of New Orleans and a Masters in Latin American Studies from Tulane University. Follow Humberto on Twitter @hfontova.

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