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Interview with Julio M. Shiling: If Cuba falls, all fall

Interview with Julio Shilling If Cuba falls all fallWhat do you think the real effects would be in Latin America and the world if Cuba falls? Interview with Julio M. Shiling: If Cuba falls, they all fall.

Julio M. Shiling is a political scientist, writer, lecturer, commentator and director of the political forums and digital publications,  Patria de Martí  and  The CubanAmerican Voice  and a columnist for  El American . He has a Master's in Political Science from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. He is a member of The American Political Science Association and the PEN Club of Cuban Writers in Exile.

What is your opinion regarding the events that are happening in Cuba? 


These events of the popular uprising that we have seen as of Sunday, July 11, is a paradigmatic change, that is, for the first time we have seen thousands and thousands of Cubans in about 50 localities take to the streets in a clear challenge to the communist regime calling for a systemic change, with a clear understanding of freedom, More than 90 percent who came out were young, a large group that was not previously involved in dissent

 Why do you think these events are happening right now? Is there any relationship with the Castros no longer in power?

Historical processes are always connected in a way, they do not occur in isolation, they are more than 62 years of a dictatorial regime where everything that could give hope that things could change in Cuba happened, there was already the reestablishment of relations with The United States, however, has not changed at all the remittances that have historically been sent in the last 30 years of the Castro regime.

Cuban youth in no sense already believe in this project. Now it is very important to realize that they no longer asked for a visa abroad, or vaccines, but that they asked for a systemic change, they asked for freedom.

As for the fact that there is no longer a Castro in power, it influences, because totalitarian regimes have that Leninist concept of having what is called democratic centralism, that is, a monolithic force of power, without dissent. Fidel Castro was the figure that maintained that terrifying cohesion, Raúl Castro was able to do so to a certain extent, because there was already a fissure in the Castro family.

 However, what we are seeing now in the Armed Forces and more than 7 deaths in officers between the Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, gives us evidence of cracks in power, which shows that they are in a decline in terms of their can.

 Do you think the United States government will intervene in any way this time?

If we look at the cases of Venezuela and Nicaragua, where there was also an uprising and they did not do it, I would like to believe that this time they will, there are many ways to act in solidarity without having to send troops to the island, that would be a very important approach. Huge pressure is being put on those of us who politically want the freedom of Cuba

 Why in 62 years has the United States never intervened to stop communism in Cuba?

It was clearly a mistake. There were several betrayals, for example in the Bay of Pigs in the year 61, where the United States trained an expedition force of Cuban exiles who went to Cuba and at the last minute President Kennedy did not command the aviation, which was essential for the mission to be successful. if there have been betrayals and a bad policy in terms of promoting freedom in Cuba

How do these events affect Venezuela?

Venezuela is in effect a colony of communist Cuba, so the liberation of Cuba would translate into the eventual liberation of Cuba and Nicaragua, because these regimes depend on Castro's intelligence to stay in power. This was corroborated when these great protests took place in these countries years ago.

What do you think the real effects would be in Latin America and the world if Cuba falls?

It is fundamental, all the subversion that we have been seeing in Chile and Colombia has been organized and directed by communist Cuba, as well as the return of Evo Morales to power, all of this has been organized and logistically facilitated by the communist Castro. The reinsertion of the Farc in the prototype of the dictatorial model of the Sao Paulo forum, so that they compete in elections, to subvert order and perpetuate themselves, that is, to repeat what has happened in Venezuela and Nicaragua, therefore, if Cuba falls they all fall.

What has been your relationship with Chile and what do you think of the events that are happening in the country?

Chile gave Latin America an example of how to shake off communism. Allende was the first to launch the Sao Paulo model that entered democratically, but subverted order and, thank God, Chile was liberated at that time. Sadly, Piñera's leadership has been one of extraordinary weakness and is delivering Chile to debacle, making a suicidal pact with, who seems not to learn the lessons of life, in that models such as communism and socialism should not compete in the democratic process of open societies, because once they come to power they subvert the order and sadly that is the course that is now in Chile. It is left to the people, to the armed forces, to resist and signal that Chile must not fall into communism.

Patricia Bravo FariasAuthor: Patricia Bravo Farías. Patricia Bravo Farías is a journalist for Diario El Minuto de Chile ( and Revista Indu.
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