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Cuba in victorious transit towards a new day

Cuba in victorious transit towards a new dayCuba in victorious transit towards a new day. MIAMI, U.S.A. - Once again, hopes that we can finally achieve Cuba's long-awaited freedom have been renewed. The events of massive disobedience that began last July 11 seem to indicate so. If the resistance is maintained; if the defiance to the scarecrow of Díaz-Canel, improvised president, not of Cuba but of the servants of Castroism, gradually increases, the communist dictatorship will fall resoundingly. Although they still viciously beat, imprison and murder until they become a machinery of terror, which has paralyzing effects on some Cubans, little by little courage is gaining ground and thousands of young people are taking to the streets, not to beg for crumbs of peaceful survival, nor crumbs of bread, but to demand an end to tyranny. 


For those of us who have had the opportunity to follow the historical process in Poland, with the protest actions initiated in the Gdansk shipyards by Solidarity leader Lech Walesa, which brought down the tyranny of General Wojciech Jaruzelski, and the mass uprising of the Romanian people, which unceremoniously overthrew Nicolae Ceausescu, we can safely consider that we are in transit to a new day. Among other acts of popular rebellion that put an end to various communist tyrannies in Eastern Europe, these historical passages are a vigorous inspiration for Cubans who suffer the annihilating violence of Castroism. Although it is unnecessary to expand on similar examples, we cannot fail to include the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall for freedom lovers. These are irrefutable proofs that it is possible. Yes we can, if we face the challenge and are willing to pay the high price that today demands the people of Cuba to break the chains that oppress them.

For us there is no other alternative. There is no other formula to put an end to that degrading and gloomy political system that for more than 62 years has been imposing suffering, helplessness and all kinds of miseries on our defenseless population. A regime of terror and death, devoid of any human sensibility, whose only possibility left to us is unthinking obedience, plunging us into paralyzing and useless conformism or popular insurrection. At Alpha 66 we opted for confrontation!

Nevertheless, because Alpha 66 is an organization founded on the foundations of the most genuine democracy and the established order of universal justice, we respect the criteria of all. And it is a matter of pride that our pillars rest on the structures of respect for freedom of expression, open to creative thought within the diversity of opinions for the peace and progress of our nation. However, we do not always agree with positions or strategies that, although well-intentioned in practice, it has been demonstrated that, in the case of a tyranny as unscrupulous and broad in falsehoods as the one existing in our country, they are not effective. They simply do not work. They are useless. It has been demonstrated that it is time wasted. You don't talk to tyrants! You do not dialogue with the enslavers. You do not ask these predators of the rights and peace of the people for concessions. They are taken to the streets. You spit in their faces and despise them. You demand their freedom.

That is what thousands of courageous fighters did last July 11, tired of so many imposed miseries and so many lies. Tired of the illicit enrichment of the governmental pimps who make up the abominable power elite. Of those who steal without scruples and hoard wealth that does not belong to them, at the expense of the most shameful and deplorable exploitation of the depleted population. Yes, that is the path that will bear fruit in the end. That is the strategy of honor, of non-claudation, that today our brothers in misfortune inside the Island, that group of brave men who stamped with courage and blood the words "Homeland and Life", which means survival with decorum and love for the present and future generations, that with our contribution of courage and inevitable sacrifices will flourish in the conscience of other good Cubans and will give light to the land where we were born.

We know that this is only the beginning of the end. The triumphant beginning of a stage of glory that will bring to their knees those who for many years mistakenly believed that they were the owners of the Cuban nation and the fruits of the human sacrifice of its victims.

The time has come to make every dawn a July 11, to make the waves of freedom, like a raging sea, beat against the weak reefs of a regime of evil and hatred and turn them into dust, into the shattered rubble of the most abject tyranny that any people in Latin America has ever suffered.

Let us continue to raise our voices against oppression. Demanding in the streets: Freedom! Let us be as strong as the brave spike that germinates in the moors. Let us make good the wise words I once heard from a good friend: "Losers let things happen. Winners make things happen". God is with us and makes us invincible!

Ernesto DiazAuthor: Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez. Writer, poet and General Secretary of Alpha 66.

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