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A tireless fighter for the freedom of Cuba and the world has passed away: Jorge Rodríguez

a tireless fighter for the freedom of Cuba and the world has passed away jorge rodriguezA tireless fighter for the freedom of Cuba and the world has passed away: Jorge Rodríguez. Patria de Martí and The CubanAmerican Voice mourn the departure of Jorge Rodríguez, owner of the radio stations La Poderosa and Cadena Azul, philanthropist and tireless fighter for the freedom of Cuba and the world. Our condolences to his wife, family, friends and employees of La Poderosa and Cadena Azul.

Below we reproduce the article published by Radio y Televisión Martí which highlights part of Jorge Rodríguez's story and comments from his colleagues and other personalities of the Cuban exile community:

Jorge Rodríguez, founder of La Poderosa 670 AM and pioneer of Cuban radio in exile, passes away in Miami.
Jorge Rodríguez, president of Radio La Poderosa and Cadena Azul stations and one of the pioneers of Cuban radio in exile, passed away on Tuesday in Miami after a prolonged illness.

Rodríguez graduated in industrial engineering in the United States. Since his arrival in exile he joined several organizations to fight for freedom and the reinstatement of democracy in Cuba. He was also a member of the Cuban American National Foundation and, together with Armando Pérez Roura, founded Radio Mambí.

In 1988, he created La Poderosa 670 AM, which he owned until the time of his death. Rodríguez's passing shocks the entire South Florida community, that station said Monday in a statement shared on its official Facebook account.

"Tireless fighter for the Freedom of Cuba and Latin America. He leaves a void in our hearts, but his presence continues to be with us. To his office came listeners and friends in need of help, comfort, guidance and always received the best from him. His departure is an inspiration to turn the impossible into a daily motivation, so that we can be better human beings, so that we can support each other in difficulties, just as he would have wanted," the note underlines.

Carlos Santana, journalist of La Poderosa, assured that with Rodriguez goes a legend of Miami radio.

"It is impossible to talk about the history of Cuban exile radio in Miami without mentioning Jorge Rodríguez, who was always accompanied by a lot of enthusiasm to achieve freedom for Cuba. We can define Rodríguez as a man very committed to his ideas for freedom," he said.

Ramon Saul Sanchez, leader of the Democracy Movement, said that Rodriguez always kept the torch for Cuba's freedom burning.

"He put his radio station La Poderosa, and also Cadena Azul, always at the disposal of the voices that were raised to denounce human rights violations in Cuba, to give encouragement to the people of Cuba, to serve as a bridge between the two shores," he said.

His departure, said Sánchez, "leaves a very big void here in exile and, personally, a very dear friend has left me".

According to Marcell Felipe, director of the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora and president of the Inspira America Foundation, Rodriguez represents the spirit of Cuban exile, and that is why it is important to preserve his legacy.

"The role that Miami radio has played in shaping our community and giving us the influence we have today cannot be underestimated," he said. He added that it is precisely for that reason that "this community owes an immense debt to Jorge and his legacy."

Felipe assured that, in the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, there will be a section dedicated to Rodríguez and his contributions, because the history of Cuban exile in South Florida "cannot be made without telling the story of Jorge Rodríguez".

The opposition coalition in exile Cuban Resistance Assembly expressed its condolences to Rodriguez's family members.

"We are very sorry for the departure of Jorge Rodriguez as the human being he was and for his incessant and countless actions in favor of the cause of Cuban freedom and freedom as such. As well as many of the needs of our community to which he always responded with his cooperation. We have lost a great Cuban," said Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, general coordinator of the Assembly.

(With report by Ariane González for Radio Martí)

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