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Symposium Socialism's threat to America

Symposium Socialism threat to America

The Live Symposium Socialism's threat to America was broadcasted by PatriadeMarti.US through TV Libertad ► (YouTube Channel) and Facebook Live PatriadeMarti ► on Monday 28 September 2020.

The threat of socialism in America is real. Radical slogans and ideology have gone from marginalized groups and a handful of politicians and activists to mainstream culture, businesses, the media and tech giants and the political elite. Marxist revolutionary action is being exercised in broad daylight. Will the US overcome this danger? This and other related matters were the topic of our discussion.

The Symposium Socialism's threat to America was hosted and moderated by Julio M. Shiling, Director of Patria de Martí.

This Symposium featured great team of panelists:
Otto J. Reich, Diplomat

Jason I. Poblete, Attorney

Alberto de la Cruz, Managing editor of Babalú Blog

Joseph E. Hage, Political analyst

The technical production was in charge Jose Tarano, director of Electronics JR Computer Design and Service ►

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