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Why shouldn't one vote for Biden?

Why shouldnt one vote for Biden?

Podcast: Why shouldn't one vote for Biden?. Hosted by Julio M. Shiling, where he summarizes the three main reasons why you shouldn't vote for the corrupt candidate Joe Biden for President of the United States, broadcasted LIVE on October 30, 2020.

1. Influence peddling and corruption.

The first one is influence peddling, there has not been so much corruption of a family since the Clintons, it really is scandalous proportion that Biden in effect the Biden cartel by using the influence of the then vice president's name. In eight years has amassed his family which includes: his son, his two brothers, his sister, his daughter and her husband. Juicy contracts with China, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Costa Rica, Jamaica and of course the United States government.

This is unheard, unprecedented and probably if they investigate this fully will be able to track where Joe Biden himself has made profits. This is what one of Hunter Biden's business associates has told us where in broad daylight him and then vice president Joe Biden discussed business arrangements, Mr Bobulinski gave avid testimony to this fact with evidence of over 26,000 emails some of which he is explicitly included and come from his computer which was exchanged with Hunter Biden's computer there's film that binds them together in a hotel meeting, so it is quite clear that this type of influence peddling has grown to proportions not seen since the days of Tammany Hall.
If this occurred during eight years as vice president imagine what would happen if Joe Biden were president; this would be like "Don Corleone sitting in the White House, this is unacceptable".

2. Biden is a puppet of the radical left.

We are undeniably in what one could argue as a Marxist insurrection in broad daylight since the death of George Floyd we openly see Black Lives Matter with their critical theory premise which is an extension of Cultural Marxism at the heart of calls for systemic change, calls that Joe Biden has been an apologist for this rationalization does not look for gradual reform or looking for betterment as in the civil rights era, no, no this is systemic change as they call it and Joe Biden has been a proponent of that, the defunding of police, the indoctrination in our schools of critical theory and critical race theory are but symptoms of "this terrible danger to the American democracy, this must not be allowed to happen".

3. Joe Biden just isn't mentally capacitated.

I mean he's got serious mental issues, there's no question about that, so I think his mental incapacitation and his moral poverty does not allow him or would disqualify him better said for the presidency, so I urge you, please do not vote for Joe Biden.

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