2nd Amendment: Right to keep and bear Arms

Biden and the Left's War on 2nd Amendment

Biden and the Left War on 2nd Amendment

Biden and the Left's War on 2nd Amendment. Democrat Joe Biden has unveiled his far-left agenda by signing a new gun-control executive order while announcing his anti-Second Amendment nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

On Wednesday evening, the White House released a fact sheet announcing that Biden will use  the Department of Justice (DOJ) to publish model red flag “legislation.”

The move will also address AR-pistols with stabilizer braces and issue a rule to “stop the proliferation of ‘ghost guns.'”

On Thursday, Biden put forward executive action on gun controls, and the fact sheet provides an outline detailing what those actions may entail.

In the statement, the administration outlined the following “initial actions” in Biden's anti-gun rights agenda: 

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Gun sales up 73% from 2019

Gun sales up 73 per cent from 2019

Gun sales up 73% from 2019. Americans bought 21 million firearms this year, new figures show

Gun sales in the United States have soared in 2020 following a year of radical-left violence against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

Americans purchased 21 million firearms this year, according to the latest figures.

The number marks a staggering increase of 73 percent over the number purchased in 2019.

The estimated 21 million guns sold was revealed in an ABC News report that quotes figures from The Trace.

ABC claims the buying surge is the result of a “perfect storm” consisting of “the pandemic, economic recession, civil unrest, and a divisive presidential election.”

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FBI: 4x more deaths by knives than assault rifles

FBI 4x more deaths by knives than assault rifles

FBI: 4x more deaths by knives than assault rifles. FBI Statistics: At Least 4 Times More People Were Killed With Knives Than “Assault Rifles” Last Year.

In recent years liberals have been wise enough to shift their gun control focus specifically to so-called “assault weapons,” rather than all guns.

It’s no mystery why they’ve shifted that focus; banning all guns (and handguns in particular) is wildly unpopular, so they’ve instead decided to focus on the type of firearms that tend to look the “scariest” to some people. In particular, “assault rifles” like the AR-15 have been a scapegoat of the left, due to how frequently they’re the weapon of choice in highly publicized mass public shootings (though the majority of mass shootings are committed with handguns when you count gang shootings as mass shootings).

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Armed citizens ready to defend themselves against BLM thugs

Armed citizens ready to defend themselves against BLM thugs

Armed citizens ready to defend themselves against BLM thugs. Armed Citizens Gear Up to Defend Businesses as BLM Rioters Burn Kenosha, Target Cops.

Violent and destructive Black Lives Matter riots continued to wreak havoc in Kenosha, Wisc., on Monday night following a police shooting of a black man on Sunday. Rioters continued to loot, pillage, and burn while others charged at police officers and national guardsmen, setting off fireworks and using umbrellas as weapons. Fed-up citizens who agree with the Black Lives Matter movement geared up to defend homes and businesses, carrying guns and wearing armor to intimidate rioters.

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Cultural Marxism

Research finds crt in schools not about racial discrimination

Research Finds CRT in Schools Not About Racial Discrimination

Just the News
Research Finds CRT in Schools Not About Racial Discrimination. Research surprise: Embrace of CRT, 'diversity' agendas in schools not correlated with race. Pilot study of San Diego County school districts finds many dominated by "underrepresented minorities" eschew these controversial concepts. A school district's… Read full article
Where are the Feminists

Where are the Feminists?

Where are the Feminists?. While the Taliban barbarically repress women in Afghanistan, toxic feminists wage a war against American men. Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Bruce Bawer’s excellent Frontpage article "Where Are the Gays?" paints a chilling portrait of the imminent torture, execution and amputations that await… Read full article
space force officer punished after denouncing marxism

Space Force Officer, Punished After Denouncing Marxism

The Space Force officer who was removed from his command post for condemning Marxism and critical race theory is leaving the military. Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” that his last day in the service will be Sept. 1. “I wrote a letter to then-Acting Secretary of the Air Force… Read full article
utah blm founder us flag a hate symbol

Utah BLM Founder: US Flag a Hate Symbol

Utah BLM Founder: US Flag a "Hate" Symbol. In a Facebook post made on Independence Day, Utah’s Black Lives Matter (BLM) Chapter wrote that the American flag is “a symbol of hatred” and those flying are “racist.” “When we Black Americans see this flag, we know the person flying it is not safe to be around,” the post… Read full article

Socialist War in US

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