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Report: Police Do Not Shoot More Blacks

Report Police Do Not Shoot More Blacks 1 

Report: Police Do Not Shoot More Blacks. Police Tend To Shoot People For Same Reasons, Regardless Of Race.

As far-left protesters continue to hit the streets to protest alleged systemic racism reinforced by police, the actual circumstances surrounding police shootings paint a very different picture.

According to the Washington Posts’ archive of police shootings across the U.S, a large majority of fatal shootings, about three-fourths, happen while officers are either under attack or protecting other people. 

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The numbers show of those who died in officer-involved shootings, 28 percent died while shooting at either officers or other people. Additionally, 16 percent were either using weapons or physical force and 31 percent were pointing a gun.

Of all the officer-involved shooting deaths, less than 10 percent were against unarmed people. The data completely contradicts the narrative among left-wing activists that officers are typically using lethal force against otherwise peaceful civilians.

The data shows that when it comes down to it, officers largely appear to respond to life-threatening situations based on circumstances regardless of the culprit’s race.

Although African Americans and Hispanics are disproportionately represented in those statistics, the facts surrounding those shootings are strikingly similar to when white people are involved. Nonetheless, the mainstream media continues to push the narrative that police across the country are somehow targeting African Americans.

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