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Far-left professor condemns Thanksgiving

Far left professor condemns Thanksgiving 

Far-left professor condemns Thanksgiving. Portland State Prof Cornel Pewewardy: Thanksgiving Is Offensive, Must Be Replaced with a “National Day of Mourning.”

During a recent guest lecture at Washington State University, Portland State University Professor Cornel Pewewardy told students that Thanksgiving should be replaced with a “National Day of Mourning.” Pewewardy told students that Thanksgiving is based on offensive stereotypes of “indigenous people.”

According to a report by Campus Reform, Portland State University Professor Cornel Pewewardy told students at Washington State University this month that Thanksgiving should be replaced with an alternative holiday. The reason? Pewewardy believes that Thanksgiving perpetuates offensive stereotypes about Native Americans.

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Pewewardy told students that America should replace Thanksgiving with a National Day of Mourning that would pay tribute to “indigenous people.”

“There are various alternatives to Thanksgiving, Pewewardy said. This includes acknowledging the National Day of Mourning, U.S. Congressional Resolution and Day of Atonement,” a student newspaper report reads. “Schools should ban Thanksgiving as a holiday, and instead call the time off ‘fall break’ and celebrate Indigenous culture.”

Pewewardy explained the steps of “settler colonialism” during the lecture. The term refers to the process by which Western nations allegedly force indigenous peoples to assimilate into their culture and values.

“Steps one through four involve taking Indigenous lands, children, religion and languages away from Indigenous people. Step five is eliminating Indigenous ways of teaching and learning,” the report reads. “Step six is debating concepts of tribal sovereignty. Step seven includes falsifying or rewriting history. The last step is assimilation, where Indigenous people are coerced to engage in Western research protocol and practices, Pewewardy said.”

Breitbart News reported this week that a column in the University of Virginia student newspaper encouraged students to stand up to their “racist” family members over the Thanksgiving holiday. The columnist, a student at the university, argued that students should push back against the “hateful rhetoric, conspiratorial thinking and virulent racism” of Trump supporters in their families.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more campus updates.

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