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Woke Oscars Ratings Plummet

woke oscars ratings plummet

Woke Oscars Ratings Plummet. “In delayed fast national results just released by Nielsen, the 93rd Academy Awards were watched by a mere 9.85 million, with a dismal rating of 1.9 among the 18-49 demographic,” reports the far-left Deadline.

How dreadful is that? Well, last year’s Oscars used to be the lowest-rated in history, and this is a collapse of 58 percent below that.  In the key 25-54 age demo, the collapse was a whopping – this is not a typo – 64 percent.

For comparison, just three years ago, total viewership dropped below 30 million for the first time in the ceremony’s recorded history.

The final numbers will be in later today or tomorrow, but holy cow. Who expected this? I mean, other than absolutely everybody. 

The Woketard stink is all over everything related to Hollywood and an overall entertainment industry that has made it stridently clear that its long history of entertaining the masses is over. It is no longer about putting on a good show. Instead, we will be lectured and shamed by elite assholes who think they are too important to sing, dance, and make us laugh.

Who wants to sit through that…? Well, as you can see from Sunday night’s ratings, less than four percent of the country.

What for years had been Hollywood’s most important night, a night where the country came together to gaze at the stars and enjoy a longish but still entertaining show, has now become a chore, homework, a task… The Oscars just aren’t enjoyable anymore, and neither is the product the film industry produces — the movies.

According to numerous reviews of last night’s show – which, like more than 95 percent of America, I did not watch – this overlong disaster opened with a lecture from Regina King and rolled all the way downhill from there.

No thanks.

What did I do last night? I watched a Columbo rerun.

It used to be that celebrities were self-effacing, modest, the butt of the joke… They made fun of themselves, and even though everyone knew it was all an act, we still appreciated it and found it entertaining. Few things are as enjoyable as seeing a Big Star laugh at himself.

Now, these so-called stars are just a cult of pompous, insufferable, blowhards who take themselves oh-so-seriously, even though they have done nothing to earn our admiration or respect. They act as though they are our superiors when we all know they are nothing more than hypocrites and liars who carry a $200,000 gift bag on their laps as they give interviews from the back of a limo about the horrors of wealth distribution and capitalism.

The unearned arrogance is bad enough, but you can also sense just how much Woke Hollywood hates its own audience, how much they all hate everyday people. This hate just pours out of them, every word and look. These idiots might not have much talent, charisma, or smarts, but they do carry an awful lot of hostility.

And that is why we don’t like these people anymore, and why we sure as hell are not going to spend four hours on a Sunday evening suffering at the hands of their ignorance, ingratitude, and pomposity.

Plus, no one saw this year’s Oscar nominees. No one saw any of these movies! The Academy Awards are now the Independent Spirit Awards, an insider-insider ceremony to celebrate small movies that reek of pious self-importance.

Sadly, this ratings disaster will change nothing. Hollywood is lost, lost for the foreseeable future in a wave of that fascist self-importance called woke.

Well, that’s why God invented DVD, so we don’t have to suffer through this crap. Let them go off and celebrate themselves… Let them go off and fool themselves into believing they are stars, when no one knows who they are, or cares to know…

Out here in Real America, if we do tune in, it’s only to point and laugh in-between Columbo episodes. 

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