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BLM and organized urban warfare in Chicago

BLM and organized urban warfare in Chicago

BLM and organized urban warfare in Chicago. Violent Chicago Protest Leaves 16 Police Officers Injured, 24 People Arrested.

16 Chicago police officers have been injured and at least 24 people were arrested after a protest turned violent this weekend.

Authorities initially reported peaceful daytime protests in downtown Chicago on Saturday. However, a separate protest in the evening turned violent when so-called “agitators” used bottles, skateboards, bicycles and mace to assault officers.

Police defended their actions to control the violence, which included using pepper spray and batons.

Chicago Police Department

Photo via Chicago Police Department Twitter.

“To protect the peaceful protesters, as well as their fellow officers, our officers responded proportionally to get the situation under control,” stated Chief David Brown. “As a result of their violent criminal acts, Chicago Police Department made 24 total arrests, including four for felonies, aggravated battery on a police officer.”

The city has been a battleground between police and protesters since March amid often violent demonstrations against police brutality.

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