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Armed Civilian Defends Himself Against BLM Terror Mob

Armed Civilian Defends Himself Against BLM Terror Mob

Armed Civilian Defends Himself Against BLM Terror Mob.

BLM Mob Gets a Scare When They Pick on a Gun-Toting Restaurant Patron. Black Lives Matter picks on the wrong patriot in Louisville.

A mob of Black Lives Matter "protesters" got a scare when they picked on a restaurant full of people to harass and one of the patrons pulled on a gun on the group that surrounded him.Video of the incident quickly went viral after the unidentified Louisville restaurant patron was forced to exercise his Second Amendment rights to defend himself from the aggressive BLM mob.Video shows the man pointing a handgun at the protesters in a wild scene amid tables on the sidewalk in front of La Chasse restaurant on Saturday night, the Courier-Journal reported.The protesters were taking part in an anti-police rally that coincided with the 147th Kentucky Derby, the newspaper said.
Protesters stopped outside La Chasse on Bardstown Road, which is about five miles northeast of Churchill Downs, just after 8:30 p.m.The Courier-Journal reported that the man pulled a gun and pointed it at protesters while being confronted by the mob on the restaurant's patio. 

The man decided he wouldn't let himself fall victim to the mobs.
It's not clear what led to the confrontation, the paper reported. However, there are numerous examples of leftist protesters caught on video harassing and terrorizing restaurant patrons at their tables in the name of their causes — such as this courageous mob in Washington, D.C., last August:

But apparently, the armed restaurant patron in Louisville wasn't about to let anything like that happen to him. Video of the confrontation begins with an image of the white-haired man in a blue dress shirt and light-colored pants standing near one of the outdoor tables and pointing a small handgun at the protesters, who are hollering and making gestures — but not daring to get anywhere near him.

In the clip, one of the protesters can be heard hollering at the man, "You're not the only one with a gun!" Indeed, a pair of men armed with rifles and handguns who appeared to be acting as security for the protesters were seen facing down the white-haired patron and arguing with him. A woman who appeared to be one of the protesters and a man who appeared to be a restaurant employee did their best to keep things calm. The paper said other protesters told the group to keep moving, and a few minutes later several Louisville police cruisers pulled up in front of the restaurant. The Courier-Journal didn't indicate if any arrests were made.

The aggressive mob got more than they bargained for when they picked on this restaurant patron.
The video ends with the white-haired man and another man being led inside the restaurant as the more heavily armed men watch them leave the scene.

A number of Twitter commenters weighed in on a separate video of the incident posted by a Courier-Journal reporter.

  • While no context for the confrontation was noted in the tweet, it was clear where folks who observed the clip stand on the issue:
  • "THESE BLM turds NEED TO STAY THE F*** OUT OF PEOPLE LIVES," one commenter wrote. "People that did nothing to harass get harassed in return. It's going to backfire sooner than you think."
  • "Bunch of stupid jackasses have pushed good decent people to the brink," another user said. "Best look out!!"
  • "Good for him," another commenter noted. "Stop harassing and threatening people eating diner."


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