Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

We thank God for the year 2020 that is ending and for 2021 that is about to begin. We are fully confident that His purposes are perfect, and so we move forward with faith, strength, and perseverance. From all of us at Patria de Marti and The CubanAmerican Voice, best wishes in the New Year.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! In this most important time of the year, may that same Light that illuminated that star over two thousand years ago, just as it guided those wise mystics to the redeeming Child, may it continue to guide us and give us the strength to do His will here on earth. The Light from that same star gives us a sign signal that a new dawn is coming for those beloved places where freedom has been lacking. Aware that the Fatherland is a gift from God and that exile should be only a transitory station in life, the era of a dignified return seems to be approaching. Freedom’s rescue is an act that honors God! In spite of all the pettiness that has been plotted, everything seems to indicate that a resistance and a patriotic perseverance will continue and win in the end. That Light has brought us better days.

Thank God the Father Almighty! May God grant you many blessings this Christmas and for the New Year!

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Hillary claims Christianity is "alienating" and BLM is "theological"

Hillary claims Christianity is alienating and BLM is theological

Hillary claims Christianity is "alienating" and BLM is "theological". Hillary Clinton claims Christianity is 'alienating' to young Americans.

Twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed that young people are turning away from Christianity because it is too "judgmental" and "alienating.”

“A lot of young people are leaving the Church, in part because the way they understand what Christianity has become … so judgmental, so alienating that they think to themselves, ‘Well, I don’t need that,'” Clinton, who is Methodist, explained on her podcast, “You and Me Both.”

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Churches can now endorse a candidate

Churches can now endorse a candidate

Churches can now endorse a candidate. FEC says churches can endorse candidates – but it's still risky

Less than seven weeks before the 2020 presidential elections, the head of the Federal Election Commission is reminding people that it's okay for churches and other religious organizations to endorse candidates.

On Saturday, FEC chair Trey Trainor appeared on a Church Militant podcast, reminding viewers that the "Johnson Amendment," which forbids religious organizations from engaging in political activity, was rescinded by President Donald Trump his first week in office.

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