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What To Do with Biden?: Forced Removal if He Doesn’t Resign Voluntarily

Biden Removal 25th AmendmentWhat To Do with Biden?: Forced Removal if He Doesn’t Resign Voluntarily

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What To Do with Joe Biden?

Biden does not acknowledge that he has mental problems so he is not going to submit to any test to receive an official diagnosis to prove otherwise, much less will he voluntarily resign the presidency, either because he is a stubborn old man at best or because his pathological dementia prevents him from realizing that he cannot continue to govern the United States.

The Current Situation

Democrats are having a public discussion about what to do with Joe Biden, as it is clear that the Democratic president is not of sound mind.

The Constitution gives us a clear solution: Remove Biden and have the vice president sworn in as president.

The Options

The only question is whether the removal will be voluntary or forced. Will Biden send a written statement to Congress saying he cannot perform his duties? Everything seems to indicate that because of his mental incapacity, he will not realize his current state.

Or will the Vice President and the Cabinet remove Biden because of his incapacity? Is it the most advisable to happen as quickly as possible, so that the party can find and prepare the new candidate who will face Trump in the presidential race?

Voluntary removal, under Section 3 of the 25th Amendment, or forced removal, under Section 4. Will Biden transmit to Congress "his written declaration that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office"? Or will the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet inform Congress of President Biden's incapacity and remove him from office?

The Vice President and Cabinet’s Current Inaction Breaches Their Oath To Protect the Constitution

Vice President Kamala Harris and the Biden Cabinet are failing to live up to their oath to protect the Constitution by continuing to promote Biden's candidacy when they know better than anyone that he is unfit to even serve in his current capacity as president and are endangering the security of the United States by keeping Biden sitting in the White House for political reasons when he should be in an insane asylum, another mental institution or at home with treatment appropriate to his old age and mental illness.

It is time to make a decision soon and remove Biden from the presidency for the good of the country and the president himself.

Biden’s Incapacity Admits No Justification for Keeping Him as President

Many try to justify Biden's tenure as commander-in-chief by justifying his mistakes, gaffes, inconsistencies, allusions, physical and mental imbalance, disorientation and loss of direction and memory, verbal errors, and mental lapses as occasional or temporary, instead of recognizing his sad reality, that he is unfit to continue to govern the nation.

No matter the reason, Biden simply cannot lead the U.S. if he is not mentally fit 24 hours a day. The Constitution clearly states what to do in these cases.

The Political Implications

As complicated as it may seem politically the removal of Biden exists and the process is defined in the Constitution its implementation would be the best option for the Democrats, the stability of the nation, and an orderly transition of power change, where by law it is up to Kamala Harris to serve as interim president and focus on finding a new candidate for election.

The Political Future

Despite the current political crisis that the Democrats are going through, it will be they who will continue to govern until they can be replaced in the next presidential election if the Republican Party manages to win the election with candidate Trump, as everything seems to indicate according to the polls. Consequently, the Republicans must act following the Constitution and not think that Biden's removal will guarantee them the automatic presidency, since the Democrats will try to mobilize all their political and electoral forces possible to stay in power. The Republicans, on the other hand, must know how to seize the moment and improve their electoral campaigns to win the vote of the undecided and of some Democrats dissatisfied with the current administration, so they will have to be able to mobilize all their electoral base to participate massively and actively in the voting since Biden's dismissal does not give them a direct pass to win the presidential elections.

In short, it is time for the Democratic party to make a decision on Joe Biden's future and for the Republicans to take the electoral advantages that this moment provides them and get all their voters out to vote to achieve an overwhelming majority and eliminate any possibility that the Democrats can manipulate the ballots in their favor as they did in the 2020 elections.

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