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Help us to do moreHelp us to do more! 💞►We at Patria de Martí and The CubanAmerican Voice are opening a new phase in our history. We believe that there is an urgency to deepen strategies and reinforce civic-patriotic awareness and combat false narratives and their enslaving systems.

In Cuba, the 11th of July Uprising has initiated an ongoing liberation process. This is consistent, historically and morally, with the long struggle against Castro-Communism. This course is irreversible. Continental socialism has its command center in Havana. Therefore, the existing socialist dictatorships in Latin America, as well as the movements and parties of communist affinity bent on extending their rule in free countries, are led by the Castro regime. Focusing on bringing about systemic change in Cuba is fundamental to liberating not only the homeland of Martí and Varela from communism, but Latin America as well.

In the United States and other democratic countries, communism is also threatening freedom. The methodology in these cases is through cultural Marxism (or neo-Marxism), that variation of classical Marxism formulated by Marxist ideologues Antonio Gramsci, Georg Lukács, the Frankfurt School group of German communists and their followers of Critical Theory and postmodernism.

We want to expand programs, platforms, publications, events, recordings, and other mechanisms of ideological and moral formation to equip the citizenry to adopt measures conducive to achieving freedom in captive countries and retaining it in still free republics. In order to prioritize our time in these endeavors, we need an economic input to be able to substitute our labor obligations to earn a living and dedicate ourselves to this purpose. Remember that we, as previously expressed, do not receive money from any government, NGO, or political party.

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