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Federal Judge in TX Freezes Biden Deportation Halt

Federal Judge TX Freezes Biden Deportation Halt

Federal Judge in TX Freezes Biden Deportation Halt

A federal judge in Texas has halted Joe Biden’s 100 day deportation freeze. The court granted Texas a temporary restraining order Tuesday after ruling the Biden administration failed to provide concrete or reasonable justification for the 100 day pause.

The lawsuit was filed against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday by the state Attorney General Ken Paxton, who said the order violated federal law and a previous agreement Texas had with the Trump administration. In that agreement, the DHS promised to consult with Texas and provide six-months notice before changing any federal immigration policy.

The Biden administration has already enacted a number of broad changes to President Trump’s immigration rules with the intent of going softer on the southern border. This includes a complete halt of southern border wall construction and a roll-back of President Trump’s rule making anybody illegally living in the U.S. a top priority for immigration authorities.

Experts have said the deportation freeze is especially hurtful to border security because it essentially invites immigrants to try and cross the border illegally.

Analysts expect this lawsuit is likely just the start of a slew of Republican litigation against Biden’s immigration policies. Specifically, Texas’ win opens the door for lawsuits from at least half a dozen other states, which had similar agreements with the DHS to be alerted before undergoing any major immigration policy changes.

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