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Why should Americans not vote for Biden? Look at the Biden-Bernie Plan

Why should Americans not vote for Biden

Why should Americans not vote for Biden? Look at the Biden-Bernie Plan.

During the trip to the Democrat nomination Joe Biden made a left turn into Sanders Highway that cannot be corrected, as his GPS, Government People’s Socialism, leads to a dead-endfull-stop for the economy, while simultaneously crashing into Liberty Boulevard.

Regarding health care the B-B Plan calls for decreasing the age of Medicare to 60 from 65 and the establishment of a public option automatically issued to poor Americans (and illegal aliens) subsidized by higher premiums for those  of US above the poverty line (most everyone else). Some prescription drugs would now be free, and Medicare is now a right, nobody needs to pay more than 8.5% of their income in premiums. The deficit thus created will the picked up by US, those still having private or work plans.  {loadposition subscribe?

For those who lost their insurance during the pandemic the Feds would pay their insurance under the COBRA law currently used for you to keep paying your company insurance if unemployed. Those without insurance would be able to buy one now with no deductibles, based on ability to pay. Santa Claus will be busy underwriting insurance policies.

Regarding crime, Biden would undo his very own 1994 Crime Bill by ending cash bail and eliminating minimum sentences. B-B suggests a federal standard on the use of force by police, a database of police misconduct and no life without parole for juveniles. Marijuana would be de-criminalized and medicinal marijuana would be legalized. Without cash bail violent looters will be out the same night enjoying a joint lit by their arsonist comrades.

And if fires lead to climate change, Biden will have US spend $1.7 trillion to get to zero emissions by 2050 by eliminating fossil fuels for power generation by 2035, getting to carbon-neutral buildings by 2030 and placing 500 million solar panels in five years. The U.S. will squander its newly gained energy independence under Trump giving away the game to China, country which would merrily continue to pollute outside the Paris Agreement, which Biden would joyfully return to.Every time you hear the U.S. will pay; translation, it means US, you and me.

Regarding race relations, in addition to the usual Democrat largesse at the expense of USB-B recommends “a comprehensive agenda for communities of color with ambition that matches the scale of the challenge and with recognition that race-neutral policies are not a sufficient response to race-based disparities.” Translation: the payouts depend on your color, so if you are colorful you better vote for us. Forget Martin Luther King’s idea to judge US by our character, not the color of our skin.

Regarding jobs its not the private sector that will do the job, “the government must enact measures to create jobs and jobs programs like those effectively used during the New Deal.”The deal is: send our $ to DC and we will send it back to you, minus a swamp commission.

In education Obama is out and B-B is in. No more standardized tests. Schools will increasing be centers to distribute food and healthcare while testing will now be holistic. Translation: Measurements and rigorous academic standards will be substituted now. Did you ever learn anything from a substitute?And while Obama favored charter schoolsthe B-B plan is to place them under close scrutiny. Translation: Bye-Bye under B-B.

The B-B Plan calls for busing to implement school desegregation, same old same old since the days Biden opposed force busing: he wasn’t about to send his children to a “racial jungle” as he put it.(Biden was ripped apart because of this by Kamala Harris, of all people).

The B-Bs give out free 2-year college for all and free 4-year public college for families under $125,000/year.  And he will forgive our student debtsand give us students our daily breadYou still need to save up, as you will now need to pay for other’s college. No such thing as a free lunch, except in B-B’s schools to now also include breakfast and dinner!

Regarding housing it is “come on down” as “the price is right.” Nobody will need to pay more than 30% of their income on housing.Mrs. Santa Claus will be in charge of this program, everybody gets Plan 8.

Under B-B bankers will go postal. The very efficient USPS will now offer banking services backed by US. Way back by US as we wait in line.

B-B’s plan does the Green New Deal in 15 years rather than AOC’s 10, thank you very much. It mandates what energy is produced and which not, there will be a Solyndra windmill in every neighborhood, by crook or by hook, we will only use renewables, wind or sun. Sounds like a day at the beach, but dark clouds are overhead.

The B-B Care Corps: armies of healthcare, childcare, eldercare and climate care workers with France-like benefits will have the right to strike, as they strike great deals from US. Translation: Government for and of the Government.

There are exceptions to every rule, and so police are now second-class government workers under B-B. They will be tracked and will work in catch and release mode. Translation: Will they be police, social workers or fish and wildlife officers?

B-B likes “shareholder capitalism” which spells the end of capitalism as it morphs into fascism. With the State in the Board Room shareholder capitalism turns into stakeholder capitalism allowing, in addition to the State, for workers, consumers and labor unions to have a seat at the table.Translation: people this is serious, look at how much time and effort these people have placed into killing the goose that laid the golden eggs, stealing from US our 401(k) nest eggs.

Regarding race B-B races to the most hypocritical of positions. Biden was VP of Obama for eight years when racism was not systemic. But just now it has erupted,just in time for the election. Reparations must be sought out and meritocracy be replaced with racial purity tests, as the percentage of black impacts your payout from US. Translation: time to buy Ancestry and 23 and Me. Oops, forgot about stakeholder capitalism, never mind.

For those that have had first-hand knowledge of Socialism, the question is not if we should vote for Trump or not, but to realize that these stakeholders are holding our feet to the fire and will burn us at the stake. With friends like B-B who needs enemies. No way José Biden, I will not vote for you! For once Kamala was right.

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