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Trump: Project Veritas Proves CNN Election Violations

Trump Project Veritas Proves CNN campaign Election Violations

Trump: Project Veritas Proves CNN Election Violations. President Trump commented on a recent report by Project Veritas that covered CNN’s bias. In an interview that aired Friday, Trump called the work done by investigative reporter James O’Keefe “incredible.”

The report uncovered CNN’s intentions behind their coverage by showing their mission was to get President Trump out of the White House. The 45th President said this — and other actions that were taken by the network as well as left-wing media sites — constituted campaign violations. Watch the video: 



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“Zuckerberg — when he puts out $500 million for lockboxes, that is a campaign violation,” President Trump said. “You can’t do that. You know, you are allowed to give $5,600. How can a person put up $500 million for lockboxes? And in Georgia, by the way, they’re still allowing lockboxes. You can’t have those lockboxes, there’s nobody there. There’s nobody to watch it.”

In the meantime, Project Veritas is suing Twitter for seemingly trying to protect CNN’s image.