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Dominion machine software linked to Red China

Dominion machine software linked to Red China

Dominion machine software linked to Red China. BREAKING HUGE: Major National Security Issue Identified Related to China's Connection to Dominion Voting Machines.

Huge National Security Issue – Devices manufactured by a China owned company are attached to Dominion machines!

Overnight (Hat tip Rosco Davis) it was reported through a tweet that a company owned by a Chinese firm is the manufacturer of modems used by Dominion with their voting machines.

According to another Internet hero, Edevice CellGo cellular modems are used by Dominion.  The cost for the cellular modems is listed in a inventory of equipment needed for Calhoun County Michigan:

These machines and modems should never be used in US elections.  This is frightening!

The devices allow an individual remotely to access, monitor and perhaps manipulate the voting machines and data on a real-time basis:

Edevice was purchased in September 2016 by a Chinese company:

iHealth, a US subsidiary of Tianjin’s Andon Group, paid $106 million to acquire eDevice of Bordeaux, France. Both companies offer mobile health monitoring devices. eDevice uses its proprietary technology to connect patients with large medtech companies and healthcare organizations. iHealth, headquartered in Mountain View, California, offers basic healthcare monitoring devices and an iOS smartphone app to keep patients connected. Two years ago, iHealth raised $25 million from Xiaomi Ventures, a China electronics company. More details….

Edevice is out of France develops specialized connectivity equipment:

There is additional information in Michigan’s contract with Dominion showing a diagram with the Cell Go connectivity device embedded within the system:

The Michigan contract also lists the Cellgo device in its contract (p. 127):

We have evidence these devices were approved for purchase in Wisconsin:

In Georgia these devices were included in their Request for information (RFI) prepared by Dominion and we know Dominion was used throughout the state:

This is a massive national security risk.  Why is the US using a connectivity device with voting machines in the first place and why would we ever use connectivity devices connected with China?

Author: Joe Hoft is the twin brother of TGP's founder, Jim Hoft. His posts have been retweeted by President Trump and have made the headlines at the Drudge Report. Joe worked as a corporate executive in Hong Kong and traveled the world for his work, which gives him a unique perspective of US and global current events. He has ten degrees or designations and is the author of three books. His new book: 'In God We Trust: Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics' is out now - please take a look and buy a copy. @joehoft

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