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Dominion Contractor Drops Bombshell Testimony at Michigan Hearing

Dominion Contractor scanning Biden ballots multiple times

Dominion Contractor Drops Bombshell Testimony at Michigan Hearing: Anti-Trump election workers were scanning Biden ballots multiple times to boost the Democrats.

A Dominion contract worker has given an explosive testimony during a hearing before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee this week, making allegations of unprecedented fraud.

Melissa Carone, a cybersecurity and IT specialist who was contracted by Dominion Voting Systems, testified as a witness during the Committee's hearing on election integrity on Tuesday.

Carone says she saw anti-Trump election workers illegally rescanning batches of ballots for Joe Biden over and over to boost the vote count for the Democrat nominee.

While working at the tabulating center in Detroit on November 3, she claims to have witnessed workers scanning Biden ballots up to ten times each, adding that the fraudulent activity was widespread during the count.

Carone, who spoke at Tuesday's hearing in Lansing, Michigan, said she was at the TCF Center for a total of 27 hours, beginning the morning of Election Day.

"What I witnessed at the TCF Center was complete fraud; the whole 27 hours I was there," she revealed.

"There were batches of ballots being run through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted eight to 10 times," Carone continued.

"I watched this with my own eyes," she added.

According to WND, an election official named Daniel Baxter was in charge of counting the mail-in ballots where Carone was stationed.

Carone says Baxter, and at least 90% of the workers there, were "in on the whole thing."

"There was not a single ballot the whole night, the whole 27 hours I was there, that I saw, that was for Donald Trump," she said. "Not one. Not a single ballot."

She also testified she was aware that ballots were being tabulated at the Department of Elections, where she originally had been scheduled to work.

"There was something going on at that Department of Elections," she said, "and it's clearly something that's very illegal that occurred there.

"And I'm grateful to God that I did not go there."

According to election law, ballots must be dropped into a sealed box after being scanned.

But Carone said they were accessible to election workers after they ran them through the machine.

Boxes set aside to receive the scanned ballots were moved to another part of the room and used to block poll observers, she said.

She testified a Dominion worker disappeared to a "warehouse" – which she said he called the "Chicago warehouse" – for about three hours before a massive dump of ballots was tabulated for Joe Biden.

Carone said the workers at the Detroit center were "very secretive" and "pushy."

"Never did I ever admit I was a Republican to these people," she said.

"Everything that happened at that TCF Center was fraud," she said.

"Every single thing. Every avenue was taken to commit it."

The chairman of the committee, Republican state Sen Ed McBroom, noted Carone said she observed a massive dump of ballots for Biden arriving late and asked her if she knew "where they came from."

"I do not know 100 percent" where they came from, she said.

"Do I assume (I know) where they came from? Absolutely."

Republican state Sen. Michael MacDonald asked Carone if the Justice Department was looking into the matter.

She said she called the FBI on Nov. 5 and spoke with a woman for at least 40 minutes but did not receive a call back.

Carone called back herself but said she hasn't been contacted since by the bureau.

The senator asked if she contacted anyone from the Trump campaign, noting they have a "pipeline" to the Justice Department.

"I've been talking to attorneys," she said.

"What I said just now regarding the Department of Elections and how I was scheduled to work there, that is coming out ... next week.

"I wasn't even supposed to talk about that (at the hearing) but a lot of people mentioned it.

"So I'm going to tell you guys about it because this is fraud."

See Carone's testimony:

Another witness, a poll watcher, told the committee he witnessed the alleged 4:30 a.m. dump of more than 130,000 votes for Biden after Election Day.

He said the ballots were wheeled in on dollies and everyone was "perplexed" that they were coming in so late.

See the testimony:

Linda Lee Tarver, a former Michigan civil rights commissioner, community affairs director and election integrity liaison, told the committee there needs to be a forensic audit of the entire state election.

Saying elections in Michigan have been a "hot mess" for decades, she testified that she saw ballot harvesters deliver stacks of 75 ballots at a time to the elections office.

See Tarver's remarks:

See the entire hearing:

Author: Jay Greenberg 

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