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Biden Needs To Be Replaced Now! For the Good of the USA

Biden first black woman presidentBiden Needs To Be Replaced Now! For the Good of the USA

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The security of the United States cannot be in the hands of a person with a cognitive disorder or in a state of dementia.

Without partisan animus, I intend to analyze the imperative need to replace Biden as president definitively or at least temporarily because in recent months it is clear that his mental health has suffered an alarming deterioration typical of a mental illness in its advanced stage, and honestly you do not have to be a specialist in the field to realize the seriousness of the matter.

Maybe in the past he has told some lies, and had some verbal mistakes or " lapsus linguae" but everything indicates that his cognitive problems have been increasing exponentially to such an extent that he should have been subjected to a rigorous examination some time ago to diagnose the seriousness of his mental state or if there was any probability of improvement with some treatment.

Biden Has To Be Replaced Now! For the Good of the Nation and the President Himself!

This July 4th, alarms were once again raised about Biden's mental incapacity to perform the current and future duties of the president and commander-in-chief when in an interview with a Philadelphia radio station he expressed incongruous and crazy phrases:

"By the way, I'm proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, the first black woman ... to serve with a black president." "Proud to serve as the first black woman on the Supreme Court. There's so much we can do because look...we are the United States of America."

The comment left many scratching their heads and wondering what the hell she was thinking. While others of his staunch supporters saw it as a moment of unintentional humor in an otherwise serious political landscape.

In his July 4 speech at the White House,speaking about former President Donald Trump, he referred to him as "a colleague of ours, a former president," before abruptly ending the story, saying, "Probably shouldn't be said anyway."

Some fans see this comment as a "harmless" gaffe.

The above incongruities, misdirection, nonsense, confusion, and references to non-existent situations in his life, that of his relatives, and his participation in supposed historical events we will not mention to avoid a too-long article.

In recent months, indeed, we have witnessed a series of incidents that go beyond simple verbal errors or occasional lapses. The confusing and seemingly disconnected statements have escalated to such an extent that many of his more realistic colleagues are calling for him to step aside and leave the campaign for the good of the Democratic party.


The seriousness of these incidents and their increasing frequency suggest that a more detailed and transparent examination of the president's fitness for office is needed. This could involve independent medical evaluations or even consideration of constitutional mechanisms designed for situations in which a president may be unfit to perform his or her duties.

Lack of Transparency From Democratic Leaders and Political Will Is the Fundamental Danger

The lack of transparency of the Democratic administration leaders, the lack of courage and political will to face the harsh reality of the president's incapacity, as well as the lack of decisive action by senior officials and the president's medical team is questionable for not having prompted his resignation or at least temporarily replacing him to conduct a thorough analysis of his cognitive capacity, given the apparent deterioration of the president's mental capacity that he is practically unfit to continue as president and commander-in-chief of the United States. I do not know if they are waiting for an irreparable misfortune to occur to achieve the voluntary or induced removal of the president to eliminate the potential danger that the president represents to the security of the American nation.

Medical and Psychological Perspectives

From a medical and psychological standpoint, it is important to approach charges of mental incapacity with care and consideration. Aging, charges of conscience for his bad actions and decisions, stress, and the demands of the presidency can affect cognitive function, so it is crucial to distinguish between harmless slips and confusions and the real cognitive problems presented by the aging, corrupt, and decrepit president.

Media Aligned Staunchly With the Democratic Party

Even the media traditionally staunchly aligned to the Democratic party is seriously considering whether to continue to support the permanence or replacement of the incompetent president.

Social Media Response

On social media, reactions to Biden's unhinged comments have been mixed. While most users have harshly criticized him, a fanatical minority has come to his defense, attributing the incongruous comments to momentary lapses. A huge number of memes and jokes have also circulated on the Internet, reflecting the diverse ways in which people engage in political discourse where the president is losing ground, and his popularity has been declining due to his ineptitude in governing and dealing with local and international situations.


Despite the media campaign of the big globalist media that have traditionally favored the most absurd policies of President Biden, they seem to realize that it is time for him to give up power and hand it over to other healthier leaders to rescue the debacle that the Democratic Party is facing before a Donald Trump who is predicted to be the new president that will save America. "Save America" and "MAGA."

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