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Happy New Year 2021!

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

We thank God for the year 2020 that is ending and for 2021 that is about to begin. We are fully confident that His purposes are perfect, and so we move forward with faith, strength, and perseverance. From all of us at Patria de Marti and The CubanAmerican Voice, best wishes in the New Year.


Republican Congressman Calls Out ‘Disturbing Attack’ On Catholic Statue

Republican Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann addressed the beheading of a Virgin Mary statue in Chattanooga as being “among a series” of attacks on Catholic Churches that have taken place across the country. The statue was reportedly found k...

Statue of Jesus Beheaded in Miami

Statue of Jesus Found Toppled, Beheaded in Miami, Church Says. A statue of Jesus Christ was found toppled and beheaded at a Catholic church in Miami, an act of vandalism that probably will be investigated as a hate crime, church...

Bishops see pro-Ortega 'terrorism' behind church attacks in Nicaragua

Bishops see pro-Ortega 'terrorism' behind church attacks in Nicaragua. What was left of the image called the Blood of Christ, sculpted 380 years ago and venerated by Catholics in Nicaragua. It was placed in the chapel of the Cathedral of Managua...

Churches can now endorse a candidate

Churches can now endorse a candidate. FEC says churches can endorse candidates – but it's still risky Less than seven weeks before the 2020 presidential elections, the head of the Federal Election Commission is reminding people that it's okay for ...

Hillary claims Christianity is "alienating" and BLM is "theological"

Hillary claims Christianity is "alienating" and BLM is "theological". Hillary Clinton claims Christianity is 'alienating' to young Americans. Twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed that young people are turning ...

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