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NY: Worst Covid Response in USA

NY Worst Covid Response in USA

NY: Worst Covid Response in USA. NARRATIVE DESTROYED: Stunning New Data Proves New York Had Worst COVID Response In The Country.

The mainstream media couldn’t get enough of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last year as the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the country.

He was the hottest TV ticket around, this suave, debonair, Italian ‘love guv’ who was so masterfully handling ‘the worst pandemic ever’ — and so much better than that other guy on the national stage at the time named Donald Trump. Cuomo even got an Emmy Award for his virus briefings, if you recall.

Except that he wasn’t.

Not only did Cuomo force COVID-sickened patients into nursing homes, which many believe inflated New York’s coronavirus death toll by several thousand, but the rest of his policies also weren’t much better and his state winds up at the bottom of the list in terms of overall COVID response, according to a new report. 

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The Daily Caller reports:

The Empire State had the most job losses per capita during the pandemic and one of the highest rates of excess deaths, according to data from Hamilton Place Strategies. The firm hypothesizes that the outcome is driven by the state’s large reliance on the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as the big hit of coronavirus cases it underwent during the country’s first wave of infections in spring 2020.

“New York was the state with the worst overall outcome—hampered by both high excess deaths and high job losses—while Idaho, Utah, and West Virginia emerged in relatively strong positions,” the firm noted in a tweet.

Joining New York at the bottom were Louisiana, New Jersey and Nevada, all of which are run by Democratic governors.

Meanwhile, red state governors who opened faster and wider were rewarded with lower COVID death and illness rates.

In early March, for instance, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced he was ending the state’s mask mandate and that he was allowing businesses to reopen at 100 percent capacity over the course of the following week.


“We’re working right now on evaluating when we’re gonna be able to remove all statewide orders, and we will be making announcements about that pretty soon,” he said in late February.

“Arkansas has lifted almost all of its restrictions, and a number of other states have already reopened completely, including Iowa, Missouri (with county-wide exceptions) and Florida,” Fox News reported at the time.

Abbott’s announcement came as the state’s daily coronavirus illness rate was not much lower than it was in July 2020 when they were averaging 7,381 per day. But three weeks later, as April began, cases had halved in Texas.

Ditto in Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis, who moved early on to protect senior citizens in his state, saw similar results after he began reopening the Sunshine State last fall.

Earlier this month, personal finance site WalletHub published an analysis noting that several other states had reopened with great success.

“Iowa, Florida, Wyoming, South Dakota and Texas have the least coronavirus restrictions and have fully reopened,” The Center Square reported. The are followed by Alaska, South Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Montana.

States with the most? You guessed it; they’re all deep blue: District of Columbia, Delaware, Virginia, Washington, New York, California, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
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