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Health Dictatorship and Terror Regime

Health Dictatorship and Terror Regime

Health Dictatorship and Terror Regime

Since September of last year, my uncle Orlando Farías, 87 years old (my family is long-lived), began with heart problems and an infection in one leg due to a poorly treated wound and until February he was in and out of a public hospital in Santiago.

It is important to point out that heart conditions have been the cause of death for men in my maternal family. Already in February, discharged and being in recovery at home, they go from CESFAM to vaccinate the elderly in the neighborhood, without a medical record and without asking, they simply inoculated a person with very low defenses with the attenuated virus , of course , he was hospitalized again, and although his CRP was negative, he suffered from COVID death, being that the true cause of death was a heart condition. 


Former Health Minister Jaime Mañalich, in a live interview for the Radio Infinita program "Who would say it", said that more than a year after the pandemic there are 900,000 certified cases, much less than he believed for this date, and with 20 thousand deaths "in a context in which we associate more deaths than COVID than they really are, that is, we over-adjudicate COVID 19 deaths that probably are not."

On the night of May 6, 2021, Carolina Turres' mother died of complications from a stroke. As he had respiratory problems due to terminal cancer and even though they had applied an antigen test, which was negative (with a low probability of having COVID), he received a death certificate for this cause.

This generated many doubts among the children of the deceased, because their mother did not have it and was also vaccinated with the two doses of SINOVAC. As a suspect, a death certificate for COVID was issued and it is the absurd protocol that is applied in all healthcare facilities without even waiting for the result of the PCR.

“The next day the result arrived and indeed there was no COVID. My mother's body was in a bag, ready to bury when she never had it ”.

Carolina and her brothers, upon learning of this error, communicated with well-known people in the health area, until they found people in important positions, in order to turn this situation around, which was clearly very unfair. In addition, the hospital refused to make changes to the cause of death.

Likewise, the family had contacts and are professionals, but what happened then to the hundreds of families who have no contacts and believe what the medical "authority" tells them?

Indeed, the mother never had COVID and the negative test also showed it, which finally allowed her to say goodbye.

According to my source, a public health physician (for obvious reasons he hides his name), this is done significantly to avoid doing the cumbersome autopsy process.

There have been many cases like these, including cases of past suicides due to the "fatal" disease, which has not killed more than a minimal percentage of the population, on broadcast TV. The figures have undoubtedly been inflated, as stated by the former Minister of Health.

In fact, if we focus on a purely mathematical support, COVID has sickened 5% of Chileans in a year and 3 months, calculating that official figures indicate 1,427,956 million infected in a population of almost 20 million. inhabitants (not counting undocumented foreigners, who considerably increase the number, and without considering the sick and dead from other causes, who have been labeled with this disease).

Quarantines and Sanitary Dictatorships

Almost 9 months after the establishment of a state of exception, with restricted freedoms, not being able to travel through our own country, broken tourism and thousands of people who have lost their source of income, we are still under rigid quarantines that do not allow us to do a normal life.

The radicalization of mobility rules has led to truly dystopian situations; Seremi de Salud officials believing themselves gods, complaining neighbors, the impediment of family meetings, children unable to breathe, play, or go to school, losing the most precious of childhood. And the youngest missing the adventures of their age.

In addition, we have to be listening every day to the manipulation of information by the media, where they almost incite us to not breathe and scare the citizens, giving the accumulated figures in a year, as if they were of the day, and where all politicians have aligned themselves with blind faith in these control measures.

The most terrifying thing is that nobody is even capable of presenting a critical or reflective spirit in the face of the situation, where ordinary citizens have normalized the abnormal by transforming themselves into small totalitarians, by accusing neighbors, in cases as ridiculous as sunbathing in the terrace itself a same family group. And the worst thing is that they enjoy it.

This, in addition, intensified with the increasingly blatant censorship against dissident thoughts, which transforms into reality the most cruel and terrifying dystopias, which until now were only described in literature and in the cinema. Not even Orwell got that far.

Due to the role of the mass media, "official" government statistics and of course that of the WHO itself, today they tell us that some 3.7 million people have died from the "virus" throughout the world. world.

But what certainty do we have that it was indeed a pandemic caused by a virus and not other causes? The total cases of infected correspond to 174 million people. Do you know how many million we are on the planet? According to the last census of 2019 we are 7.674 million earthlings, so calculate the percentage of infected. Are we sure that all those infected have actually had COVID?

In Belgium, for example, they are being counted in a way that no other country in the world is currently doing: counting deaths in hospitals and residences, but including deaths in residences that are suspected, not confirmed, as cases of Covid- 19, in what is called the Belgian Protocol. Who says the same is not happening in other countries? According to the latest official figures from Belgium, of the 7,703 deaths, 53% have been in residences.

According to the protocol of "Considerations in the diagnosis of COVID 19 in the Emergency Service", any patient with acute respiratory infection, who is a temporary or permanent resident of a region with community transmission AND who presents fever (37.8ºC) and at least one of the following symptoms: odynophagia, runny nose, cough, dyspnea, myalgia or headache, or at least 3 of these symptoms, even if you do not have a fever. Aren't these symptoms similar to the flu? Where are the syncytial viruses, various pneumonia and so many other respiratory diseases that have collapsed the health centers in our country every winter?

We know that talking about figures sounds cold and indolent, and we are very sorry about what so many families are going through, it is important to make it clear that we are not denying the existence of the disease, but we cannot ignore that these figures are lower compared to the first causes of death worldwide, which according to the WHO are ischemic heart disease with 7.25 million deaths and cerebrovascular disease with 10.8 million.

According to estimates of the work Causes of death, there were 57 million deaths. 36 million of these were the result of causes that fit into the general category of all “non- communicable diseases ”; For their part, communicable, maternal and perinatal diseases caused 16 million deaths; and external causes and injuries caused 5 million deaths.

In fact, last year hundreds of pathologies were stopped due to COVID priority, and people who needed urgent exams were postponed, with the danger of worsening their illnesses.

On the other hand, it is already being seen how in many official statements from governments around the world, deaths are announced "with" covid-19 instead of "by" covid-19, something too striking to ignore, added to the fact that everywhere the corpses are mostly hidden from the families, without any autopsy that scientifically determines that they died from this media virus, and thus making it clear that statistics can be manipulated to increase deaths from covid-19 regardless of the actual cause of death of a person. Situation that in the end shows rather an exercise in global control by social engineering than a real pandemic.

The same former Minister of Health Jaime Mañalich, a few days ago, referred to the current health situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the work of the Government with restrictive displacement measures.

In conversation with the program "Hola Chile" of La Red, the former head of Health was consulted for his expression "health dictatorship" and said that "it is an expression that I have used many times and refers to the world, not only Chile has had to impose from the State-Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary - an absolutely unprecedented restriction on people's freedoms, a restriction that many people are not willing to accept, which has been one of the most serious problems in the world. management of the pandemic ”.

"Prolonged quarantines do not work," said Dr. Mañalich. He also argued that in other countries restrictive measures regarding the pandemic are being used for political purposes: Venezuela, Cuba, China, Belarus. They are places where the limitations of freedoms are taken by governments for political control.

It is a matter of adding 2 plus 2 to realize this, a year ago the news from the United States was hopeless, thousands dying and New York, the most affected city, where the media attacked Trump mercilessly for this, they well took to Trump and miraculously the COVID ended in the United States, in fact, this July New York opens in its entirety.

So why not think that after the insurrection, COVID has not suited the Piñera government like a glove? Will we have to wait for his term to end for COVID to end?

The prolonged and excessive measures of restriction and preference adopted by the government are a pretext for the disease, they constitute an attack on our globalized culture and that, rooted in a liberal democracy, promised to defend the autonomy of the individual over any contingency.

The Questioned PCR

What is the PCR? The Polymerase Chain Reaction or * Polymerase Chain Reaction is a method used to locate and amplify fragments of genetic material or DNA that the inventor himself (the Nobel Kary Mullis) has said is NOT useful for the detection of viral diseases, but that is incredibly exactly what is used today in all health centers in the world to "detect" the fashionable virus, and it is even the same one that has been used for years for the "detection" of HIV through the test. by Elisa.

I did it in 2018 to identify if there were viruses in my system that at that time were causing inflammation, therefore, they are not exclusive to detect COVID, as many have led to believe.

On the other hand, I doubt the rigor of detection in the face of the wave of PCR that is being done on a daily basis. In fact, there are quite a few coronaviruses around in the environment, some of which cause the typical common cold. Doctors have already affirmed it, it is very possible that the PCR test positive for any coronavirus.

Mañalich himself highlighted the importance of starting antigen tests instead of PCR. "The PCR technique has enormous limitations to be used as a strategy to control the pandemic, because it is an invasive test, the result takes a long time, all we know."

In fact, in England people undergo antigen tests at home, and in the United States the invasive and annoying nasopharyngeal examination that is done here has never been done, they do the oral type, where the person is given a cotton swab, which must pass through your mouth, absorbing saliva and is delivered in a sealed bag to the health officer.

The inventor of the technique used for the detection of Covid-19 called PCR, was the Doctor in Biochemistry from the University of Berkeley (California), Kary Mullis who was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry precisely for inventing that technique.

When Mullis was asked about the fact that his technique was being used to detect viral diseases he said the following: "I would have given up the Nobel if I had known the use that would be given to my invention."

In fact, Mullis in his book "Dancing Naked in the Mind Field", Bloomsbury Publishing House, London, 2000, clearly pointed this out by saying that "The PCR technique only detects DNA, not viral loads" .

In our country, in the face of the wave of terror transmitted by the media and the MINSAL campaign itself, people queue up to take the RCP, without even having had contact with a sick person.

I was able to corroborate it myself last week when when going to the medical center for an X-ray there was a long line for PCRs, a woman who was waiting was asked the reason why the examination was being carried out and her response was at least unusual : "I have a cold," he said.

Nursing technician David Tapia, who works in a vaccination center in the metropolitan region, tells us that one of the probabilities of the increase in positive cases that is being studied is that the people who have been vaccinated, within a week of having been inoculated to take the test, and obviously they will be positive.

Dr. Alexandra Herion-Caude, a French virological geneticist, has said along with other doctors worldwide that there is an examination called colorimetry, which is an examination where light is analyzed in a virus, and it is a more precise and cheap than PCR.

There is something strange in all this, as an additional argument, the PCR tests were tendered with the acronym COVID19 in 2017 to all the governments of the world.How did governments know two years before that a virus called COVID19 would come?

What the heck then is going on with all this? The tests used to detect coronavirus disease DO NOT WORK, and it gets worse when it comes to the so-called “rapid tests” that only detect antibodies, not viruses. How then can we say that so many people have died from this cause? Here we are seeing how deep the hole of deception is and at the same time how efficient the social engineering has been with which they have put us in our homes scared to death.

Saturated Hospitals

The Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, announced a hospital collapse with 97% of ICU beds taken over by COVID patients, again and with tremendous irresponsibility it is scaring the population. If you see the headlines of different media in previous years on this date the hospitals and their respective UCIS have always been collapsed (see attached images), mainly, with respiratory diseases due to the winter season, the difference is that now all diseases are called COVID.

The Viñamarino Francisco Rivera, tells us that about four months ago he arrived at the Van Buren Hospital due to severe pain due to a hernia, which was urgent to operate and relates: “at the moment they say to take off all the clothes and stretch out on the stretcher comes the Direct nurse to intubate me, I with my strong character, I take the hoses and I throw them in his face and I tell him not to intubate me, I come for something else, then there appears the doctor who was to one side and reacts by telling him not to put nothing "

What's going on? What is the truth that is being lived in hospitals? The young cyclist who died a few weeks ago from the virus told his brother that he was feeling better and that he did not understand why they were going to intubate him, he finally passed away.

A year ago a video appeared where 3 Italian professionals who belong to an association founded by Professor Giulio Tarro, Judge Angelo Giorgianni and Dr. Pasquale Mario Bacco. Who were invited to the Congress of Deputies to offer a press conference. Ren that occasion affirmed, in medical terms, that the measures that have been taken with the patients in some cases have been the same as "shooting" them, referring to the application of respirators, among other types of treatments.

The doctor and researcher Pasquale Bacco was even more emphatic, it is a "ridiculous virus compared to what they described to us: COVID-19 has not killed anyone, not even a person who did not have problems with the immune system or previous diseases", affirms in his speech. And he points to the autopsies pointing out that the established medical protocols have been erroneous and the cause of the deaths. “We completely eliminated the drugs that cure today: heparin, anti-inflammatories, hydroxychloroquine. Instead, we gave the opposite, deep ventilation.

This is precisely the part of the intervention that is circulating in networks: "We burned the lungs because the oxygen that we introduced into the respiratory system could not even be used for pulmonary thromboembolism."

And he adds bluntly: "We shot in the lungs, we rust and burn them, we kill people and doctors have become instruments of death."

I wonder, what will be the economic commitments that the government is having in the face of this insistence? Finally, what they have inoculated us has been totalitarianism and fear.

“If the leader says of such an event this did not happen, it did not happen. If it says that two and two are five, then two and two are five. This prospect worries me much more than the bombs. " (George Orwell 1984)

Patricia Bravo FariasAuthor: Patricia Bravo Farías. Patricia Bravo Farías is a journalist for Diario El Minuto de Chile ( and Revista Indu.

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