Trump Bull in the China Shop

Trump Bull in the China Shop

Trump Bull in the China Shop. The force of a bull has become necessary put tariffs on China to save U.S. economy and jobs by bringing back manufacturing.

Dictionaries define “a bull in a China shop” pejoratively as a clumsy person causing damaging results. However, the 2016 election brought another angle to bear, namely that the amazing destructive force of a bull had become necessary to upend the established modus operandi of the powers that be in DC.

Part of that DC establishment is the China lobby, and there is a china store in the lobby. When President Nixon went to China in 1972, he was working on the thesis by David Rockefeller, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, and of Chase Bank and descendant of the greatest robber baron in U.S. history. The same David Rockefeller who threw a party for Fidel Castro at his Manhattan residence during the UN 150th Anniversary (the only visitor who got a party from Rockefeller out of 200+ heads of state).

The council had conducted a study (1964-1968) about U.S.-China relations concluding that the time was right for doing business in the China shop. From this group emerged Henry Kissinger pushed by Rockefeller first as National Security Advisor and then as Secretary of State, paving the way for Nixon to order from the dim sum menu. The sight of the Nixon-Mao handshake rolled back the name Red China as the flag of the Republic of China went down in San Francisco while that of the People’s Republic went up. Taipei was replaced by Pekin now called Beijing to please the now capitalist comrades.

I started my corporate life in 1972, gradually observing how the wealth of U.S. corporations not operating in China begin to gradually decrease, as water draining in a sink. Not noticeable at first, a slow decline in the wages of U.S. workers was in the offing as Made in China replaced Made in America, the new robber barons had it made, made in China.

As elections came and went nobody, literally nobody, had the guts to mention this, let alone do something about it. Spain had been the richest country in gold and silver yet it stopped manufacturing anything while England, a tiny island, was the first to restrict the power of absolutism with its Magna Carta, eventually establishing the rule of law and the Industrial Revolution it enabled.

Providentially, a blue-collar candidate appeared in the U.S. scene. He had briefly been a part of the Reform Party, and would bring forth the need to put tariffs on China to save U.S. jobs by bringing back manufacturing. President Obama mocked his idea, stating that it would take a “magic wand” to bring back jobs, telling the American people that these jobs were gone forever, literally presiding over the downsizing not only of American companies but of American influence in the world.

Obama, a globalist in the mold of Rockefeller, had been apologizing around the world for the wealth of the U.S. with his blame-America-first approach. But as an observer of England’s economic and political ascendancy, Adam Smith explained in his book The Wealth of Nations, that the wealth of a nation comes from the individual actions of people seeking their own well-being, whereby, by their own self-centered actions, if you will, an “invisible hand” brings about prosperity for the community as a whole.

This is an anti-intuitive argument, as for example candidate Biden stresses in his Biden-Bernie Manifesto the need to distribute or redistribute wealth as if it is a pie that nobody needs to bake, it is ready to eat. Handing out pieces of the pie sounds perfectly normal or intuitive; but bothering to bake the pie takes too much work and brain power. Candidate Biden told Pennsylvania miners that they possess the brain power to learn coding in order to get new good high-paying green jobs in the Information Economy. But green jobs mean you lose your green to taxes as companies seek greener pastures outside the U.S. as before. Sometimes it takes a bull to shake things up in the China shop!

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Frank Rodriguez, M.A. Economics, University of Miami is a radio/tv commentator & producer, a book editor/translator for Alexandria Library Publishing House in Miami and former editor at Simon & Shuster & Reuters. He is an English & Spanish instructor and columnist for various publications. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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