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Trump, the Frankfurt School and the Counterrevolution: A Manifesto

Trump the Frankfurt School and the Counterrevolution A Manifesto

Trump, the Frankfurt School and the Counterrevolution: A Manifesto.

Trump’s victory is really an extraordinary event. It will be the subject of studies and research of political scientists, sociologists and academics for years to come. I supported Trump since the very beginning and most recently defended him in the Spanish national TV, radio and press (I am taking a few sabbatical years away from the Washington D.C jungle) against the rage of left wing politicians and journalists alike.

In my view, there are very deep and complex reasons that explain why Trump won. The immediate reason, and usually the only one that the main stream media can see, is related to economics. Trump is going to overthrow Obamacare and renegotiate trade deals to bring back home jobs. That is, according to the press, the key reason why white blue collar workers voted for Trump. But for those who can see beyond the obvious, that reason is only the tip of the iceberg (actually, a very big iceberg).

There is something else far more important --that very few can see--to explain Trump´s miraculous victory. And make no mistake, the fact that Trump won the Reagan Democrats, and got the Presidency after defeating the two major political parties (the Democratic Party and establishment ¨Bushites¨ Neocons of the Republican one) and the most vicious, furious and sick attack from the main stream media ever seen in the history of the world, is nothing short of a miracle ( ).

The key issue beyond what the left wing main stream media can see is that Trump was able to win a lot more than just the blue-collar workers. Trump won the Silent Majority of the country, a whole segment of the population that have been forgotten, humiliated, persecuted, mocked by the white-collar elites of the big cities, the sick propaganda of the main stream media, and to the left of Gramsci producers, actors and stars of Hollywood and pop culture. Trump won because he got on

his side a big segment of the population that has been under furious and brutal attack for more than 50 years by the political correctness of Cultural Marxism. This cultural and sociological attack from Cultural Marxists was extremely intense and conducted at full high speed for the last 8 years of the Obama´s regime with its grand social engineering and cultural re-make of the country.

What we saw in Trump´s victory is real movement, a true Counterrevolution against Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School. A rebel population that finally rose against the ¨Gestapo of Thought¨ and Obama’s brutal Dictatorship of Political Correctness; the same one that transformed large parts of the U.S by imposing its new dogmas by the way of the hammer and the new cultural Totalitarianism.

To fully understand how the ¨Gestapo of Thought¨, the Dictatorship of Political Correctness came to control the media, academia, arts and society of the U.S and the West we need to look into history. At the beginning of the XX Century many communists saw with frustration that there were no spontaneous revolutions as they have predicted. Italian communist Antonio Gramsci came with an explanation of why the revolutions were not happening. Gramsci said that the big firewall against revolution was Western Christian Culture as a whole. That is, that the Natural Law or Natural Order of things we preventing the uprising: men were behaving like men, women were behaving like women, believe in God was the general rule, most were sure the Christian religion was the true one and all others false, empires were proud of their history and actions, the British Empire was proud of itself, Spain was proud of having produced a New World, and the West as a whole was proud of its culture on all its forms, from Beethoven to Mendel, from Mozart to Volta, from Pasteur to Copernicus, from Newton to Raphael, from Bach to Michael Angelo, from Cervantes to Verne, etc., etc. That cultural and social order was to Gramsci the big show stopper for revolution.

Antonio Gramsci

To destroy that Natural Law or Order established by Western Christian civilization, Gramsci suggested a “long march” or “long way” in which Marxists would have to destroy the culture of the West by turning upside down values and convictions of what is “good” and what is “evil”, what is “pretty” and what is “ugly”, revert and turn upside down the Christian society, and then bring the revolution. Gramsci said that only by destroying the traditional culture of the West from within, would the revolution be possible.

Then in 1923 in Frankfurt Germany the Institute for Social Research was established. This Institute, better known today as the Frankfurt School, was financed in large part by Felix Weil and its first official appointed director was Carl Grünberg. In 1930, Max Horkheimer succeeded Grünberg. The purpose of the Frankfurt School was to promote Gramsci’s ideas and to develop a practical strategy to carry out Gramsci’s plan to destroy Western Christian culture. About this Georg Lukacs wrote:

“I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch.... Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the

annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.”

Other communist thinkers were also part of this effort: Adorno, Marcuse, Fromm, Benjamin, etc. Immediately the School was a great success and it began to influence first the German society and then the whole Western society and culture. The decadence of the “crazy” Twenties were both the delight of indirect result of the Frankfurt School. But the grand plan to destroy the Traditional Culture of the Christian West came to a sudden stop by the Great Depression first and by the Second World War later.


It was only in the 60s when a new generation of young naive people was ready to continue the revolution of the twenties. This young naïve generation did not know the Great Depression nor the World War and was easy prey to the revolutionaries that wanted to brainwash them in order to destroy Western Christian culture by turning it upside down. In that way, the 60s became the decade on which the Frankfurt School exploded with incredible success all the way until our days.

Once the grand strategy, developed from Gramsci at the Frankfurt School, left the University classroom and began to guide the culture, arts, media, public children´s education, entertainment, movies, etc., etc., it became what we know as Cultural Marxism. The “long road” of Gramsci finally became the actual agenda of society as he wanted and the product and creation of the Frankfurt School became the general rule of the West.

Walter Benjamin

By the sixties many of the Frankfurt School founders were in the U.S poisoning American Universities. For many years, most of the Frankfurt School founders were teaching at Columbia

University in New York and while some returned to Germany others stayed in the U.S to carry on its mission to transform the culture and values of the U.S. In that way, Marcuse’s work “Eros and Civilization” became the doctrinal foundation of the Hippie movement, a counter culture of its own. Marcuse also switched the strategy of Cultural Marxism and placed as its key objective to brainwash young university students of middle and high class (the foundation of the white collar left wing voters of today’s big cities).

Also, Max Horkheimer, paraphrasing the “Critical Theory”, stated that the way to destroy Western Christian civilization was attacking all values associated with it, and for example defending the destruction of marriage with children as foundation of the family, saying that “marriage” can be any kind of relationship as far as there was sexual attraction and without any specific end on itself. Likewise, Fromm stated that “male” and “female” in humans were not a reflection of biology but an imposition due to the ¨oppressive¨ culture dominated by heterosexuals.

Erich Fromm min

By getting out of the classroom and guiding all aspects of Western Culture, from Hollywood to the News, from the concept of “art” to general education, from media and reporters to pop music stars, Cultural Marxism began to destroy all values of Western Christian society and to redefine the concepts of “good” or “bad” and “pretty” and “ugly”. In its main effort, Cultural Marxism told the world the notion that Western European/Christian people with traditional values were “evil” by nature and the responsible of all “oppression”. The Cultural Marxists also stated that the “good” people by nature were those of a cultural, religious, ethnic, origin other than Western Christian European, together with those minorities that had values contrary to the Traditional Christian ones: all ethnic minorities, homosexuals, immigrants from the third world, Muslims, “scientific” atheists (today the “new atheist movement” of chic elitist millennials), feminists, all non-Christians, etc.

The Cultural Marxism that exploded with amazing success in the 60s until our days and came to dominate the culture, and finally the governments of the West, was not content with re-define who were “good” and “evil” by nature, but also advocated for a brutal censorship, that later became our present-day savage ¨Gestapo of Thought¨ and Dictatorship of Political Correctness.

In his essay ¨Repressive Tolerance¨, Marcuse depicted the foundation of the Political Correctness that has devastated the Western Christian world:

"Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word…

Consequently, true pacification requires the withdrawal of tolerance before the deed, at the stage of communication in word, print, and picture."

And furthermore in 1968, Marcuse established the rule of what became our current day witch-hunt for those new ¨heretics¨ who want to keep and live traditional values with common sense:

"Given this situation, I suggested in Repressive Tolerance the practice of discriminating tolerance in an inverse direction, as a means of shifting the balance between Right and Left by restraining the liberty of the Right…and strengthening the oppressed against the oppressor . . . Such discrimination would also be applied to movements opposing the extension of social legislation to the poor, weak, disabled.”

Marcuse knew well the importance of language in his master program of subversion. The meaning of words must be destabilized and eradicated. If you can convince women that abortion is all about “choice,” and not about killing a baby, it’s much easier to legalize abortion. If you can get people to refer to homosexuality as an issue of “equality” for “gays” (not homosexuals as in the clinical word for a mental disorder) and not the subversion of the family, you can legalize homosexual “marriage” a lot easier. The goal, according to Marcuse, is to “break the established universe of meaning.” In that way, Marcuse placed the foundation of what is today´s brutal and savage witch hunt, the Gestapo of Political Correctness that burns without mercy the “heretics” that dare defend common sense.

What came after this was the and amazing and complete reverse of common sense and Natural Law:

--First, there was support for Natural Order/Common Sense and rejection of the Subversion of Nature/Frankenstein Engineering,

--then came being indifferent to the Natural Order/ Common Sense, and being indifferent towards Subversion of Nature/Frankenstein Engineering,

--that was followed by to suppression of Natural Order/Common Sense, and defense of Subversion of Nature/Frankenstein Engineering,

-- finally came the outlaw of Natural Order/Common Sense and establish as mandatory the Subversion of Nature/Frankenstein Engineering, as in a ¨crime¨ to talk or thought against it.

That is the sad and terrible reality that today’s pseudo West gives us: those who espouse “heretical ideas” (Christian and Traditional Western Values) must be destroyed; they must lose their jobs, their reputations, and their places in the public square, get fined by ¨hate speech¨ or ¨discrimination¨ or even go to jail. The notion of “shaming” to the point of personal destruction seems a principal modus operandi of today political correctness in the Cultural Marxist Frankenstein like ¨paradise¨ of the urban U.S and the European Union. And while today, Cultural Marxism, does not aim to bring communism like in the old good days, today its purpose is actually to create that Frankenstein ¨paradise¨ without God, without family, without traditional gender roles, without protection of Western history and arts, without the God given Natural Law.

And this amazing but terrible victory of the Frankfurt School and its creation, the Cultural Marxism that today rules almost every aspect of Western education, culture, society and government, brings us back �o Trump, as during the last 8 years of Obama´s regime, he placed in ¨ ultra-warp¨ speed the expansion of and depth of this cultural revolution.

For this reasn, Trump’s victory is not only an incredible miracle as he won basically against all and everything, from CNN to furious non stopping (and something ridiculous) attacks from the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, CBS,SNBC, Hollywood, 90% of all U.S and European journalists, the establishment of both thDemocratic and Republican parties and millions of brainwashed naive Millennials; but furthermore, Trump’s victory is a real Counterrevolution of the Silent Majority against the brutality of the witch hunt of Cultural Marxism and olitical Correctness.

As perhaps Obama did more in moving forward the brutality of Political Correctness in 8 years than the last 20years. In this same time-period, of course the Voltaire like Europe regime known as European Union followed their leader, the U.S, because as we say “monkey see monkey do”. Obama’s Frankenstein like engineering of the U.S society, sickening to the point of nausea, was finally met, in Trump´s victory, with rejection from those who still have common sense, want to live under Natural Law and traditional values.

Those who voted for Trump want to say and think as their parents and grandparents did, and were just sick of the big “Hammer” of the Thought Gestapo (those brainwashed by Cultural Marxism in the big cities, elites of Hollywood and the mainstream media). Those who Obama mocked in 2008 in western Pennsylvania because they “clinch to their Bibles and their guns” had finally their sweet revenge with Donald Trump. Those who Obama mocked in 2008, finally saw in Trump a person who was saying what everyone think and want to say, but don’t do it because of the ¨Thought Gestapo¨. Dozens of millions of “deplorables” as Hillary called them, finally got a voice who spoke for them, their parents, their grandparents, and the traditional way of life under common sense and Natural Law.

That Silent Majority, the simple people who live away from the Frankfurt School dictatorship of the large ghetto cities, were desperate for someone who would speak for them and to them. That people, free from the viral infection of Cultural Marxism of the big cities, wanted to keep their traditional lifestyle and were sick tired of the fecal like products that the TV networks, Hollywood, the media, the pop culture kept launching at them.

This simple people with common sense were tired of Black Lives Matter, “happy holidays” instead of Merry Christmas, ugly short hair and shirtless women protesting for their ¨right¨ to kill babies, Lady Gaga, the so called gay pride parades of naked men walking in the streets, the Modern Family t.v show, CNN reporters trying to brainwash them, the removal of crosses and Nativities scenes, Miley Cyrus, and the feminine looking young men in the streets among others.

This was the ¨common sense people¨ who did not understand why they could not call illegal immigrant an illegal immigrant, radical Islamic terrorist a radical Islamic terrorist, why suddenly all religions (including the scientism based pseudo religion of the “scientific” Atheists) were suddenly “good” and Christianism suddenly “bad”.

This is the same people who never understood what in the heck is a ¨Kwanzaa¨, and the same people of the Silent Majority that will never allow (gun in hand) a man to wear lipstick, self-proclaim himself a “woman” and walk into the girl’s restroom to show his very masculine genitals to 7 years old girls.

This is the same people that don’t understand how can it be that what is in the Bible, has been the rule of mankind for a few thousand years, and their parents told them, is now one of the multiple “phobias” and ¨hates¨ of which Hollywood and the Media are obsessed with.

In this sense, I truly believe that Trump means a real Counterrevolution against the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism. A revolution that took 50 years to advance but is finally here. That is why the great Christian historian H. W Crocker stated that Trump is a true exorcist of politically correctness ( ). And that is also why in a truly bright article Blaise Joseph said that Trump was most likely a new Constantine ( )

as he might be the only one who can really help Christianism with his policies, not only in the U.S but in the whole Western world.

And of course, Blaise Joseph said that knowing very well that Trump has never been a devout Christian and to the contrary always had fame as womanizer playboy. But that is exactly why Joseph compares him with Constantine, as the Emperor was not Christian (not until his dead bed) and still was the person who most supported Christians by giving them freedom from persecution.

Also, the amazing miraculous victory of Trump is the reason why the Cultural Marxist world is today desperate and furious. The Trump Counterrevolution and the Brexit has globalists of the N.W.O alarmed and frustrated. In desperation now they are threating of curbing whatever the little of what is left of Free Speech in the Voltaire like Utopia known as European Union, and the globalists in the UK are now going after the patriots of Britain First, a pro-European and anti Cultural Marxist movement ( ).

The persecution of patriotic anti Cultural Marxists movements in the U.K calls to mind the very wise words of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who like the true genius that he is, introduced us to the Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYI) class ( ). The great Taleb tells us that IYIs are the dominant class in politics and are made of those people who among other things “can’t find a coconut in Coconut Island… but their main skills is capacity to pass exams written by people like them.”

And Taleb also explains us the rage of the elitists who rule the Voltaire like monster when people act according to their interest; like the slap in the face Nigel Farage’s UKIP gave to the globalists IYIs with the Brexit ( ). The more than brilliant Taleb says: “He thinks people should act according to their best interests and he knows their interests, particularly if they are “red necks” or English non-crisp-vowel class who voted for Brexit. When Plebeians do something that makes sense to them, but not to him, the IYI uses the term “uneducated”. What we generally call participation in the political process, he calls by two distinct designations: “democracy” when it fits the IYI, and “populism” when the plebeians dare voting in a way that contradicts his preferences.”

Sadly, as Trump’s victory and the Brexit produced sound defeats for the the Cultural Marxists, we should now be ready for the Cultural Marxist’s brutal persecution to unleash upon all of those who want to keep living under old fashion Common Sense, tradition and Natural Law; that means all of us who reject Cultural Marxism’s Frankenstein anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-Nature, fake society. As a recent example of this we can see how very probably the CIA was once again manipulated by the Politicians (Obama in this case) to launch an attack on Trump. As great ¨coincidence¨, just a few days away from the Electoral College vote, the CIA released (or purposely leaked) a document (that allegedly) states that a Russia´s hack was behind the Podesta´s email that Wikileaks distributed. While usually those documents take dozens of years of being declassify and available to the public, we question how come this one was declassified within a few weeks and precisely a few days away from the Electoral College vote ( ).

While the big persecution unleash we still can celebrate the taste of victory and its immediate consequences; beginning with the wise choices of Trump’s nominees: a great champion of Christian values and anti-abortion advocate (Jeff Sessions) as Attorney General, a Catholic and defender of Western civilization (Stephen Bannon) as White House strategist, a pro-life advocate (Nikki Haley) as United Nations ambassador, a devout Greek Orthodox Christian (Reince Priebus) as White House Chief of Staff, a conservative Presbyterian (Tom Price) as head of the Department of Health; additionally a conservative military hero (Gen. James “mad dog” Mattis) as Secretary of Defense, and LTG Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor.

The fact that Obama forced LTG Flynn, a hero of U.S military and strategic intelligence, out as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (place that I love as I worked there almost 3 years as senior contractor intelligence analyst) because the General told Obama in his face that his Syrian policy was a nonsense below kindergarten level. This because most the aid Obama was sending there to the so called “moderates” was ending up in the hands of the Sunni Jihadists (both the independent Jihadist of ISIS and AQ and the under Saudi Arabia Jihadists), and because the “moderates” were after all just an imaginary entity and hoax like the Yeti or monster of Loch Ness, (and no, the last minute British and US effort to train and arm a few hundreds of ¨moderates¨ this late in the game does not count as it is irrelevant and null).

Also with LTG Flynn as National Security Advisor we can rest assure that the Trump administration will not fail into any insane policy in Syria like the one that Hillary Clinton, --the Witch Hilaria as Juan Manuel de Prada, the best writer of today´s Spain calls her ( ) -- was advocating with the No Fly Zone to take down Russian planes and most likely begin a Nuclear WWIII in the process (like General Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Staff said recently to Congress). With Trump´s victory the risk of confrontation and even of an Apocalyptic Nuclear war with Russia are suddenly reduced. After all Russia is really destroying terrorists in Syria and defending the Christian community there. In addition, Russia is transforming itself again into a Christian nation, a true Third Rome, that is divorced from the New World Order. Therefore, with that in mind, there is no reason why Trump’s America and Christian Russia should not be good friends and cooperate to finish terrorist and work to avoid nuclear war. (Recommend the brilliant article from the great Pat Buchanan, Whose Side is God Now, , to understand this incredible phenomenon. )

Thank you Lord for President Trump min 1

Even more immediate and clear, Trump will save the U.S Supreme Court from Cultural Marxists. As the 9 for life Supreme Court judges have an incredible power to set the path of the country this is of extraordinary importance. With judge Antonin Scalia (a traditionalist devout Catholic) dead, and the soon to retire, and also Catholic and conservative, Clearance Thomas, the Court will soon have 2 vacant seats that the Hillary would fill with fanatics of Cultural Marxism. Trump already

promised to fill the vacant with pro-life, pro-family, pro religious freedom judges and even provided a list of possible candidates to the joy of Christian Traditionalists.

At this point in time we can only hope for the Counterrevolution to become stronger. With Orban in Hungary divorcing himself more and more from the Cultural Marxist NWO, Farage´s Brexit and Santigo Abascal´s Vox party in Spain trying to awake its own Silent Majority, we can only hope that the new Trump era would really be a Providential gift of Counterrevolution; an expected Restauration.

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