Critical Race Theory

What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) is an ideological framework that establishes that law, political power, economic opportunity/results, social relations and the ensuing culture are all determined by the existing model of systemic racism dominated by the white supremacy class in power and thereby exercising racist cultural hegemony. It fosters the absolute belief that inherent racism is not just attributable to established institutions and practices, but that white people are inescapably racist, and that the current system is unable to ameliorate race problems simply by betterment reforms. Only through radical systemic deconstruction and overhaul, which includes the forcible application and enforcement of discriminatory racial role-reversal policies, reparations (financial and legal), historical negationism/falsification indoctrination and comprehensive wealth appropriation and redistribution schemes can “justice” be achieved.

CRT is a postmodernist philosophical worldview which springs forth from the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School. Thus, it is innately Marxist. For its epistemological rationalization, CRT formulates fictional, quasi-fictional or anecdotal (at best) accounts of history. The “1619 Project” is a case in point.

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Julio M. Shiling is a political scientist, writer, speaker, commentator, and Director of Patria de Martí, and The CubanAmerican Voice a political forum and digital publication. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. He is a member of The American Political Science Association, The International Political Science Association and The PEN Club (Cuban Writers in Exile Chapter).

Cultural Marxism

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