Black Father Demolishes Critical Race Theory by Asking One Question

Black Father Demolishes Critical Race Theory by Asking One Question

Black Father Demolishes Critical Race Theory by Asking One Question: "How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees If I’m Sitting Here Oppressed?"

Ty Smith, a father of two teenagers and the star of a popular YouTube channel, disposed of the incendiary Critical Race Theory agenda at a meeting about the Bloomington Public Schools curriculum earlier in June.

Smith implored that parents and educators never allow the CRT agenda to become a part of the curriculum.

Smith took aim at Critical Race Theory’s insistence that whites are by definition “oppressors” and blacks are by definition “oppressed.”

“How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?” Smith asked the parents and educators. Smith said he had worked through college without a mother and father in his home. Watch the video:


“Not one white person ever came to me and said: ‘Well son, you’re not going to get anywhere,'” he said.

“Black folks are getting told by other black folks: ‘you’re never going to be able to get out there in the world because white folks are never going to let you get anywhere, the white man is going to keep you down,'” he said.

“How did I get where I am right now if some white man kept me down?” he asked.

Indeed, the United States had a black president for eight years and has black female vice president, black Supreme Court Justice, and numerous black millionaires, including doctors and lawyers. Smith noted that CRT could ‘reverse’ Martin Luther King’s ‘dream’ that people should be judged by ‘the content of their character’ and not by the color of their skin.

It appears Smith’s speech was persuasive or at least fell in line with the thinking of several top educators in the Bloomington area school district.

“Diane Wolf, the head of curriculum for District 87, agreed with Smith, saying it was not appropriate for students,” the Daily Mail reported.

‘We’re at the very beginning stages of truly getting to a curriculum that is representative of our student body and our community,’ Wolf said, according to WGLT

“According to the Illinois State Board of Education, a majority (52%) of District 87 students are non-white, including 23 per cent black, 15 per cent Hispanic and 11 per cent who identify as multiracial,” the Mail noted.

“When it comes down to it people are people,” Smith remarked on Fox News Sunday. “My sons never had to talk about White or Asian people. They know they were people. They were their friends, they played with them. They never once came home and said said ‘Dad, my White friend across the street.’ They just said ‘my friend.’”

“The fact that people want to focus so much on race; I don’t get why they try to focus so much on that. What is so important about the color of my skin?”‘

Kyle BeckerAuthor:  Kyle BeckerIndependent Journo., Fmr Writer/Assoc. Producer  @FoxNews, CEO & Chief Ed. at Becker News: Follow Kyle Becker  @kylenabecker and @NewsBecker  on Twitter.

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