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Trump’s Acquittal and the Jacobin Impeachment

Trump’s Acquittal and the Jacobin ImpeachmentTrump’s Acquittal and the Jacobin Impeachment.

As was expected, former President Donald J. Trump triumphed over his political enemies and was acquitted of charges in this impeachment trial. No one really believed that the 67-Senator threshold could be reached. Considering that the 45th president was already a private citizen, removing him from office was not the issue. The reason for this insane farcical episode was to achieve three main purposes. The first, was to legally, bar Trump from holding future public office. The second, was to legitimize the Biden presidency by revising history. Lastly, the Democrat’s third objective was to gain ground in their war to suppress Conservative voters.

To try and accomplish this massive undertaking, the Democratic managers, in charge of prosecuting the case against Trump, presented a host of far out conspiracy theories, wild accusations, fraudulent tampered evidence, and an enormous dependence on argumentum ad ignorantiam. Since Barack Obama’s ascendancy to power, and the ensuing structural reformulation of the Democratic Party, the main street media and Big Tech objective investigative reporting has been abandoned and are now at the full service of leftism. During the impeachment trial, Democratic prosecutors relied on both powerful institutions to let them get away with gross inaccuracies to cover up their inconsistencies. Trump’s legal team denied them all the ability to muddle the facts any longer. 


From the onset, the notion of the January 6th Capitol Building incident being labeled an “insurrection” is ludicrous and an affront to knowledge. No person minimally versed in political science or any of the other social sciences can, with adherence to scholarly regard, classify it as such. The authors of the impeachment charge knew this, but as was stated before, the thrust of the impeachment was never about removing Trump from office.

The “incitement” part of the accusation was premised, first, on a political speech of that same day by Trump. Later, it was extended by the Democratic managers that Trumo had “incited” violence long before during his campaign when half of America questioned the validity of an irregularities-plagued election. Democratic prosecutors called this the “big lie”.

The problem Democratic accusers faced was the wall of truth. Not that the truth was not always there. The issue was that,as it turned out, the impeachment fiasco worked to the former president’s advantage. It forced the complicit main street mass and Big Tech to broadcast the whole truth, not just altered parts. The Charlottesville hoax was one such opportunity.

The left, which includes obviously the Democratic Party, mass media and Big Tech, have been falsely characterizing Trump as a “racist” since before he took office. The incident with the Confederate statue removals in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, and the “fine people on both sides” distortion has been one example. The left has savagely beat on Trump for, basically, a fabricated lie that the media, Democratic operatives, and political pundits invented and repeated constantly. This was a gross lie! The Democratic managers made the brutal mistake of playing the defense and the American people for fools and aired, as evidence, a choreographed version of what took place. Trump had clearly said that “fine people” were present on both sides, but he excluded “neo-Nazis and white nationalists” from that consideration. Trump defense lawyer, David Schoen, showed the cooked video which the Democratic managers presented in the hearing and placed next to it, the real unaltered version. This was a mockery of justice and backfired on the accusers.

The Trump acquittal is a step in the right direction and was expected.(EFE)

The Charlottesville lie was not the only piece of tampered evidence Democratic prosecutors shamelessly displayed. Information and dates on a Twitter account being presented as evidence, very much relevant to the argument they were making, were also fudged. Trump attorney, Michael van der Veen, blasted the disgraceful attempt of a CBS reporter to excuse this judicial travesty. Had this been a criminal hearing in a non-political U. S. court, the attorneys involved in this mockery could have faced disbarment.

Claims that Trump’s inclusion of the word “fight” in his speech was an instigator for violence, was masterfully destroyed by his lawyer’s video collage of Democratic politicians calling for a “fight”, a “revolution”, the “fight of our lives”, etc. The argument that what is good for the goose is good for the gander, was convincing. Best of all, it allowed the American public to witness the reprehensible moral double-standard the left has consistently exercised. Additionally, Vice President Kamala Harris having explicitly condoned and potentially incited violence on four occasions, as well as having donated money to bail out rioters, as Senator Lindsay Graham pointed out, surely qualifies her for a speedy impeach trial under these standards.

As part of the left’s historical revisionism to lend the Biden presidency legitimacy, Democratic Lead Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin, continuously referred to the vote integrity questions resulting from the widespread anomalies linked to the recently changed electoral laws in a first-time massive universal mail vote election, as the “big lie”. The criminality baggage he associated it with, was pulverized when the left’s hypocrisy was highlighted by the Trumplegal team. Raskin was shown objecting to the 2017 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton was also featured, among many more, saying that the 2016 election was “stolen”. The concern for vote integrity matters, a most salient issue that the broad election violations that many scholars and eminent attorneys, such as Jonathan Turley, have highlighted are paramount to the preservation of American democracy. The Democrats seeking Trump’s conviction were really attempting to silence and possibly criminalize the questioning of the 2020 elections.

The left has a mission and democracy preservation is not in it. The Trump acquittal is a step in the right direction and was expected. The more important thing with this victory is that the goal of extending the legitimacy of the Biden victory by historical deconstruction and revisionism, the suppression of Conservative voters and the closing of the legal space for Trump to compete in elections, was not achieved. The Republic won an important battle and wars are won one battle at a time.

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