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The Radical Left Has Hijacked American Institutions: Victor Davis Hanson

The Radical Left Has Hijacked American Institutions: Victor Davis Hanson

The Radical Left Has Hijacked American Institutions: Victor Davis Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson, historian and one of the most important conservative intellectuals in the United States today, talked to El American’s Julio M. Shiling about the challenges facing American society in the face of the attack on its values.

The military historian, a prestigious classicist and one of the most valuable commentators in the media (he is frequently consulted on politics, war and antiquity in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The Washington Times or Fox News), explained that American society is facing a historic situation. Hanson recounted the various problems faced by citizens and also said that there is an ideological attack on American institutions.


The Radical Left Has Hijacked American Institutions: Victor Davis Hanson #Interview

Hanson, who is also the author of more than twenty books and one of the most renowned senior fellows at Stanford University’s prestigious Hoover Institution, told El American that examples of this ideological attack are the universities, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, where this war has been gaining momentum.

“All these institutions have been taken over by the left and I am not referring so much to the Democratic Party, but to the extreme left,” he said.

Victor Davis Hanson on the challenge of the Republican Party.

Hanson highlighted that the GOP has changed its positions in comparison with other moments in history and, because of this, he pointed out that right now it is the party that represents the working class.

However, he warned that the growth of the GOP is affected by large companies that make investments to promote the ideas and discourse of the left. He also commented that big technologies stifle freedom of speech.

Hanson explained he has been censored by Facebook, sharing videos of a lecture he gave four years ago at Prager University on the Korean War. “And they censor that. Nobody knows why. Maybe it was because of my name, I don’t know. But there are no explanations. And they have enormous power over our lives,” he said.

Finally, Hanson assured that even though 2021 was a difficult year, his prediction for 2022 is that citizens will put a stop to all those who want to do away with American institutions.

“It’s not just politics anymore, the system is falling apart, and these people are destroying it and we’re not going to let them do it. It’s going to be an exciting year.”

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