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The Left’s War Against God, Science, and Reason

The Left’s War Against God, Science, and ReasonThe Left’s War Against God, Science, and Reason.

By a margin of 224 votes in favor and 206 in opposition, delineated along party lines, America’s lower legislative chamber approved H. R. 5, otherwise known as the inaccurately labeled “Equality Act of 2021”, on Thursday February 25th. The rhetorical semblance of this proposed law is to extend “civil rights” protection status to groups claiming legal legitimacy for conventional, self-perceived gender identification and a comprehensive decomposing of and the subsequent reinvention of the meaning of biological sex.

The truth is that the substance that underlies the peripheral façade of this new front to deconstruct America has nothing to do with civil rights protection for the transgender population and all to do with advancing Neo-Marxism’s (or cultural Marxism) Critical Theory exposes of Gender Ideology and Critical Queer Theory. 

The methodology for consecrating this attempted feat is by way of amending the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (CRA). By abolishing anthropological, scientific, historical, religious, biological, and natural understandings and classifications of “sex” and fundamentally substituting it with an ideologically contrived, spurious fabrication that is culturally and psychoanalytically posited from the readaptation of Marxism, courtesy of the Frankfurt School and the postmodernist philosophers, one of socialism’s most effective 21st century weapons in its intent on destroying the family, religion, free speech, and equality under the law, has made a beachhead assault on American democracy with H. R. 5. 


The broad authority granted in Titles III, IV, VII, and IX of the CRA, if the definition of “sex” is reinvented and “gender identity” is inserted in the fashion its promoters would like, with its primacy and lofty categorization, a comprehensive lifestyle worldview would be rammed into American life and enforced with authoritarian rigor. This would denaturalize the CRA’s purpose. Instead of safeguarding equality under the law, what it would do is legally mandate and sew into the nation’s legal fabric, the imposition of Critical Theory precepts.

In other words, the CRA, once a bulwark of civil rights protection consistent with America’s founding values, would be dismounted and subverted to include cultural Marxism’s Gender Ideology and Critical Queer Theory.

Democrat David Cicilline reintroduced the initiative. (EFE)

The proposed misnomer law or “Equality Act”, would reconstrue “sex” to include “sex stereotype,” “sex characteristics,” “sexual orientation,” and “gender identity”. In effect, this circumscribes nature, science, religion, ethics, and biology, and reinvents them in Neo-Marxism’s mold. This is consistent with postmodernism’s delirious perception that objective knowledge does not exist and that everything is social and culturally constructed.

“Gender identity” would mean, according to H. R. 5, “the gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, or other gender-related characteristics of an individual, regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.”

The whole of the proposed legislation seeks to obtrude upon the majority of society who happen to share a common worldview that is consistent with its foundational values, an ideological underpinning which seeks to explain the behavior, preferences, and self-perception conventional visions of themselves of a minute fraction of the population. The Constitution and the CRA affords freedoms and civil rights protections for all Americans. There is no need for this special interest amendment.

What the “Equality Act” seeks is inequality under the law by imposing special treatment for the lifestyle choices of a few. In doing so, the proposed piece of legislation is attempting to inflict these leftist ideologies on the overarching bulk of America who innately do not subscribe to transgenderism. Additionally, the CRA would make any moral, medical, or religious objections to these cultural Marxist postulations, criminally punishable.  

CRA’s extensive reach into the realms of public facilities (Title III), public education (Title IV) and private education that receives federal money (Title IX), federally assisted programs (Title VI), employment (private and public), as well as housing (Fair Housing Act), and credit (Equality Credit Opportunity Act) (Title VII) would assure that Gender Ideology and Critical Queer Theory perpetrates into every aspect of American life.

This is very dangerous. Both worldview premises branch out of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory Marxist laboratory that injected weird Freudian “repressive” simplifications into its hardcore communist conflict hypothesis. The result is a clear understanding, without any doubt, that destroying the existing “oppressive” system is fundamental to their “liberation” possibilities. In clearer terms, the inclusion of subversive Marxist paradigms of thought into existing American civil rights laws, would have horrific consequences.

The “Equality Act”, an oxymoron per excellence, is an aggressive, belligerent front against family, God, science, and all positive things that came out of the Enlightenment, like democracy. H. R. 5 is one of the suicide pills, the left has dosed up for the American Republic. Hopefully, the Senate will reject this absurd and perilous Marxist attempt to fulminate society.

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