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The Jacobins and the War Against Conservatives

The Jacobins and the War Against ConservativesThe Jacobins and the War Against Conservatives.

Maximilien Robespierre and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just were the intellectual architects of the socialist terror model that would be implemented later in communist regimes. The Jacobins were the radical faction within the power platforms of the French Revolution. The coup they successfully carried out, in 1793, unleashed the infamous Reign of Terror during their two-year rule before being overthrown and outlawed. The ruthless zeal of the Jacobins is today alive and well in America.

The recent attempt to expel Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, by the ultra-extreme leftist flank of the Democratic Party, is a case in point.

Approximately, 72 House Democrats signed a resolution authored by California Representative Jimmy Gomez, calling for the expulsion of the conservative and combative Republican from the Peach State’s 14th congressional district. While the chances of passing such a measure is practically nil, the intent of this authoritarian quest to consolidate power for leftist hegemonic rule goes far beyond ridding Congress of one of the most vocal opponents of leftism and the Biden government. 


The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 (H. R. 350), a Democratic-sponsored bill barefacedly targeting the right and seeking to censor and potentially outlaw conservative activism, while sanctioning communist Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorism, has been a first step in the left’s path to absolutist rule. While the passage of H. R. 350 as redacted may be an uphill battle, the extreme-left, sect of the Democratic Party appears bent on achieving one-party dominance by any means possible.

The conservative author and activist, Candace Owens, has correctly labeled an influential group that promotes false notions that Donald Trump supporters and the right pose an existential threat to America, as BlueAnon. This left-wing conspiracy war mongering against conservatives is at the heart of the attack on Taylor Greene.

These 21st century Jacobins that conspire against the American Republic should take note of history. (Archive)

The ethical dilemma of scorching the principle of legitimacy in democratic self-governance, appears not to faze those who want to oust the Republican congresswoman. The fact that this action tramples the sovereign choice of Georgians, matters little to the instigators. Florida Representative Matt Gaetz recently referred to Taylor Greene as a “brawler”, in a Newsmax television interview segment which he tweeted out.

Anthony Sabatini, also from the Sunshine State and a Republican member of the state’s House of Representatives, supportively called her, “a true American badass”. Taylor Greene embodies an aggressive political operative that in many ways is similar in style and substance to that of Trump. Perhaps that explains her huge popularity among constituents, as well as the animosity she has garnered among her Democratic colleagues.  

Article 1, Section 5 of the American Constitution grants the House of Representatives the authority to expel any member. It must amass a two-thirds majority. This is not easy. According to the History, Art and Archives division of the United States House, only 5 members from the lower body have been expelled. The Senate has expelled 15, however, 14 of those were for sedition and serving the Confederacy. These figures tell us that it is extremely rare, as well as difficult to legally expel an elected member from Congress. Why would this group of Democrats waste their time and the taxpayers money in this absurd intent against the Republican from Georgia?  

The same frenzy that shepherded the left’s war against Trump, has continued against his supporters and political heirs. It is not merely a matter of a fathom dislike. The conservative nation that the 45th president awoke has triggered the left into a panic mode since 2016. The thought that a whole new generation of like-minded politicians and activists are challenging their power consolidation scheme is of grave concern. These 21st century Jacobins that conspire against the American Republic should take note of history. The fate of these extremist plotters from the Democratic Party will end up, in high probability, just like that of the originators of the modern communist regime.

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