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The Biden COVID Plan: A Wish List for The Democratic Party

The Biden COVID Plan: A Wish List for The Democratic PartyThe Biden COVID Plan: A Wish List for The Democratic Party.

The left has a formidable custom of distorting language to fit their ideological goals. Some would say it has become an art.

The House of Representatives passed on Wednesday a reconciled version of the dubbed American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 or H. R. 1319. Contrary to its stated label, The COVID relief bill is a massive bail-out for the Democratic governors that dragged their left-wing states to the ground.

Between $350 to $400 billion will go to the distressed coffers of Democratic states like New York, California, and New Jersey–the three top beneficiaries of this pillaging of federal public funds to fill in for the gross mismanagement errors of their elected officials and bureaucracies. This rewards the horrific, statist policies that normally accompany failed leftist policies. The three named states are the country’s aberration basket cases. But they are not alone. 


The divide between the receiving and paying benefit ratio, clearly shows a pattern where overzealous spending Democratic states have the upper hand in the receiving end. In addition to a total evasion of the good governance principle of accountability, it disproportionately benefits the fiscally disastrous states, at the expense of the disciplined and prudent states.

According to The Epoch Times, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the bill “loots” the conservative, fiscally minded red states by having them, in effect, subsidize America’s left-wing blue states. Furthermore, the article points out to the fact that measured on a per capita basis, Floridians are getting gipped. New Yorkers, despite having elected wrongly, judged by the financial performance of their elected overseers, are receiving double the massive federal bailout at $2,799 per person, compared to the Sunshine State’s $1,355. This is quite scandalous.   

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted that the “Pelosi Payoff” (referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) should not be called a “Covid relief” bill and highlighted in the mentioned tweet a list of leftist spending programs that have nothing to with the coronavirus.

During an appearance on Fox News and reported by The New Yorker McCarthy went so far as to say “This bill is full of left-wing pet projects… Instead of facing that emergency head on, the Democrats have stuffed this bill with a progressive wish list”. The most important Republican in the House added, “This legislation is cancel culture at its worst”.

H. R. 1319 is the Democrat’s masterminded transfer of wealth legislative gimmick from properly governed states to leftist statist ones. It is no coincidence that the successfully run states are, for the most part, low tax based and operate with a more open and freer regulatory climate.

Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, South Dakota, and Wyoming can proudly boast about having done the right things (including voting for the right politicians and policies) to benefit their citizenry. The beauty of a federal system is the ability to choose where to live and work, based on these differences which reflect opposing micro worldviews, despite being part of the same nation.

There is no reason, economic or moral, to subsidize states that have chosen courses which history has empirically proven to be a failure. That is what socialism is all about. The United States should not emit laws that functionally serve like a West and East Germany economic and fiscal divide, with the wealthier and wiser, paying for the ones who have embraced irresponsible policies.

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