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Segregation, Inequality, and Racism is Back in America

Segregation, Inequality, and Racism is Back in America

Segregation, Inequality, and Racism is Back in America.

Most blacks in the U.S. consider the Star-Spangled Banner their national anthem.

The United States fought a civil war to amend the wrong of what civil rights leader Robert Woodson called, America’s “birth defect”. Over 650,000 American deaths in that armed conflict, including the assassination of a paradigmatic president (Abraham Lincoln), was the life cost to abolish slavery and save the Republic

The Reconstruction Amendments following this seminal national conflict (13th, 14th, and 15th) were adopted to establish the safeguards to assure that equality, a natural right structurally incrusted in America’s founding values, would be institutionalized for all. An ensuing “separate but equal” legal doctrine, however, permitted and enforced racial segregation, thereby debilitating the notion of equality. One hundred years later, comprehensive civil rights legislation, ended this unfortunate practice. Now Marxist elites, woke businesses, with the acquiescence of the Biden-Harris administration and the Democratic Party are bringing segregation, inequality, and racism back. 


Legalized segregation, popularly known as Jim Crow laws, have their origin in the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case of 1896. This emblematic Court ruling determined that, if equal, racially separate facilities did not discriminate or violate the Constitution. Martin Luther King (MLK) epitomized the struggle that sought challenge these injustices. The point was to make America better, not deconstructed. The epistemological base for MLK and the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, was the Bible, the Declaration of Independence (Declaration) and earlier American foundational documents

Only a full application of natural rights for all would be in tune with the Declaration and the Biblical Judeo-Christian underpinnings that shaped America and to which all the Founding Fathers subscribed.

The Civil Rights 1968 slogan “I am a man” was clearly consistent with the premise of equality, as understood within the republican socio-political model. Considerations of “equity” dependent upon victimology to develop privileged group categories that suppress others was antithetical to MLK’s fight.  

As a result of the fall of Soviet communism, alternatives to classical Marxism were pursued by leftist intellectuals and radical revolutionaries. Products of cultural Marxism such as the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory (CT) and Antonio Gramsci’s Cultural Hegemony became the predominant option to continue the communist war against religion, traditional family, nation, middle class, and capitalism. As of 1989, CT variants such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), Critical Feminist Theory, Gender Ideology, Critical Queer Theory, etc., inundated American universities.

These grievance study programs part from a CT framework that envisions a total demolishment of the existing system, as a prerequisite for “liberation”. The difference between centers of higher learning and indoctrination factories blurred. The death of George Floyd and the subsequent socialist urban rebellion that lasted for six months (May-November 2020) deepened the liberticidal penetration of CRT across America’s institutions.

More than three decades of CT programming in schools, academia, media, courts, and the workplace, along with the violent Black Lives Matter/Antifa 2020 insurrection has displaced the notion of racism and embraced segregation. The practice of employee mandatory training labeled as “equity”, “inclusion”, and “white privilege” courses being carried out in many of America’s most relevant companies are imposing this Marxist-skewed interpretation of social relations in separate quarters, to asseverate “safe” spaces for black or brown workers from their white counterparts.

This is discriminatory and destroys the principle of racial equality. Why we are not seeing lawsuits premised upon the violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, can only be explained because of the lack of political will.

The National Football League’s (NFL) decision to coequally play the nation’s “Star-Spangled Banner” National Anthem (1814) with the “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (1900), known as the “black national anthem”, at the initiation of games, undermines the very notion of inclusiveness and equality. This form of segregation is fundamentally discriminatory. Why shouldn’t German Americans, Greek Americans, Cuban Americans, Venezuelan Americans, Colombian Americans, etc., hear their national anthems? The answer is simple. This has nothing to do with inclusion or even race for that matter.

The NFL’ s decision, as well as that of other woke American businesses, is based on ideological subjugation. Blacks that do not agree with the underlying Marxist CRT narrative are not considered “real” blacks. They are labeled by the left as being internally repressed by white supremacy subconsciousness. The sincere espousal of CRT dogma by some of these CEO’s is brought into question, given the bully-style tactics that many of these special interest movements operate by.

The similarity between the practice of organized crime in securing funds from businesses in exchange for “protection”, and that exercised by todays woke companies that follow Marxist dictums to avoid being as “racist” or “phobic” and viciously attacked by these professional revolutionary lobbying entities, is compelling.

Lift Every Voice and Sing” was written by James Weldon Johnson, a black American who served in the Theodore Roosevelt administration. The song, structured originally as a poem, was conceived as a tribute to Abraham Lincoln for the purpose of a commemoration of the Great Emancipator’s birth date. It is quite feasible that Johnson would deplore the use of his work for socialist endeavors. Most blacks in the U.S. consider the Star-Spangled Banner as their national anthem. These inroads to destroy the American Republic by promoting segregation, instilling racist tendencies, and advocating black supremacy by way of “equity” semantic trickery, will not fool most Americans.

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