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Major League Baseball Bows Down to BLM and the Marxist Stealth Insurrection

Major League Baseball Bows Down to BLM and the Marxist Stealth InsurrectionMajor League Baseball Bows Down to BLM and the Marxist Stealth Insurrection.

Cultural Marxism or Neo-Marxism innately permeate democracies by distorting reality through intellectual domination of key sectors and institutions, such as the education system, mass media, technological emporiums, and private corporations.

In the United States, Critical Race Theory (CRT), an offshoot of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory addendum to Marxism, has been communism’s weapon of choice, but the utilization of race as a tool for the Marxist conflict theory binary antagonists (oppressed/oppressor) goes back to the Soviet era.

The Major League Baseball and the Critical Race Theory   

Hegemonic control through the promotion of this skewed and fraudulent understanding of history and race relations has been employed since the 1960s by radical and violent communist black “liberation” groups, all supported by the USSR and Cuba, without solid success. The death of George Floyd and the over three decades of indoctrinating grievance studies campaign (gender, feminist, queer, black, post-colonial studies, etc.) across America’s universities has brought us here.

CRT, as is the case with all Critical Theory subdivisions, is not concerned with truth or facts. It is all about gaining and exercising power to foster systemic change as is commanded by ideological dogma. Notions of equality are an obstacle. “Equity” and its subjective manipulation is where the energy is expended. Major League Baseball (MLB), once the overseeing organization of America’s favorite pastime sport which held no political or ideological bent out of respect for the nation’s pluralistic makeup, has become a nuclear Panzer tank for a communist cause. 

Black Lives Matter (BLM) has structurally become the most influential organization impacting public policy since May 2020. The Major League Baseball has accepted the subversive CRT that BLM has been aggressively pushing (quite literally) for the sustenance of communist cultural hegemony. Major League Baseball, most sadly, has not been alone in taking this complicit path. They have joined a group of prominent private companies that are towing this Marxist liberticidal strategy, which includes Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, JPMorgan Chase, Viacom CBS, Citigroup, Cisco, UPS, and Merck.

Recent changes to Georgia’s election laws making it harder to steal an election, while preserving key liberalizations and even expanding its facilitation for legal voting, have been met with a Leninist reaction from the Biden administration, the mainstream media, and a host of corporations including MLB. The barefaced qualm in this affront against the people of the Peach State and American democracy, in general, is being masqueraded as “voter suppression”.  

Georgia, exercising the legitimation that popular sovereignty has extended to its elected officials, remedied serious defects in the altered electoral scheme used in the 2020 election that was overhauled over concerns for the coronavirus pandemic by legal, but non-constitutionally authorized entities.

The changes of SB 202, Georgia’s new election law, closed loopholes that accommodated suspected cheating and other spurious activities while amplifying voting opportunities for legitimate voters. Georgia with the SB 202 law is, in fact, considerably more liberal than many other states, including blue states. Grievances over alleged “voter suppression” are bogus. 

Georgia will continue to be a key battleground state for purposes of national political power dominance. Thus, it is paramount for the left to keep intact the rules that tolerated crooked election policies stemming from its 2020 improvised universal mail-in voting initiative. The Draconian irregularities, anomalies, and potentiality for massive fraud bear little concern for the victors of last year’s questionable election.

On April 2, Major League Baseball issued a statement that announced its boycott of Atlanta for the 2021 All-Star Game and the MLB Draft in protest over Georgia’s voter integrity law (SB 202). The disgraceful rationale for this wholly politicized decision was its stated “opposition” to “restrictions to the ballot box”. MLB claims that it acts on behalf of the black community, but this would only be true if CRT fundamentalism is interjected. Adding insult to injury, MLB evokes on the occasion of this emblematic game, the figure of Hank Aaron, a baseball legendary baseball, but moral invalid.

With 755 home runs, Aaron is ranked in second place in this slugger category. In the 2021 All-Star Game, Aaron will be the occasion’s honored figure, after passing away earlier this year. Sports and politics should not be mixed.

Much more so, sports and ideology. Aaron was an avid admirer and apologist for communist tyrant Fidel Castro. Estela Bravo, an American documentarian, captured in her film Anecdotes About Fidel, a collage of inglorious celebrities that went to Cuba to pay homage to a vile Marxist dictator and assassin. As The Seattle Times reported, Aaron, in disgusting adulation says, “Once in a lifetime you can get someone like President Fidel Castro to sign a baseball for you.” In an interview with Bravo for her sympathetic documentary, Aaron went on to licentiously brag that he still cherishes four baseballs Castro autographed for him.      

Barack Obama in defense of Major League Baseball

Barack Obama, the grandmaster of the socialist takeover of the Democratic Party and guru-in-chief of the CRT insurrection, predictably quipped on Twitter a day after the Major League Baseball pronouncement about the news.

“Congratulations to @MLB for taking a stand on behalf of voting rights for all citizens. There’s no better way for America’s pastime to honor the great Hank Aaron, who always led by example”, says the former president’s tweet.

There is a level of consistency in this statement. Aaron led by example, not in the defense of civil liberties or the right of people to vote in free elections, but in his idolization of communist oppressors. Thus, the fact that Obama and MLB use Aaron as a poster boy for “voting rights” contradicts the baseball slugger’s ethical stance regarding this very issue in Cuba, a land he visited as a special guest of a serial violator of crimes against humanity. 

Obama also displays consistency in his position, which is morally and ideologically aligned with MLB’s defense of combatting voter integrity laws that could limit fraud, a path that appears acceptable if it gets socialists into power. The 44th president’s rapprochement with the Castro regime without any preconditioning of human rights betterment on the part of Cuban communism showcased his serious ethical void of democratic principles. 

Attending a baseball game was also a part of the Castro-Obama summit. The venue of the game was a ballpark where the host was a brutal six-decade communist dictatorship. There were no concerns, on Obama’s part, for the absolute absence of voter rights for Cubans, black or white. It is evident that “voter suppression” diatribes from the left and their corporate cronies, only serve to camouflage asymmetric warfare.

America is being disenfranchised from her state as a republic. It is time to seriously challenge this Marxist insurgency shrouded in race-baiting.

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