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Is America Finally Standing Up to Woke Capitalism?

Is America Finally Standing Up to Woke Capitalism?Is America Finally Standing Up to Woke Capitalism?.

We are seeing signs that Americans are fed up with the sexualization of their children and are finally standing up to Woke Capitalism.

Western Marxism with its emphasis on cultural determinism has been poisoning America’s institutions for decades. The free-market system in the U.S. has not been immune to this phenomenon. The Frankfurt School’s critical theory studies — all indoctrination schemes — that have permeated American colleges and universities since 1989 — ironically after the fall of Soviet communism — has produced an entrepreneurial class that would make Lenin and Mao proud. There appears to be brewing, fortunately for free societies, resistance to this liberticidal assault. Does this mean the end of Woke Capitalism?

How Corporations Promote Cultural Marxism

By way of corporate employee and officer “training” exercises known by the acronym of DIE (diversity, inclusion, and equity), major American companies are promoting the tenets of cultural Marxism. The critical theory doctrines that are most relevant in the affected U.S. workplaces are race, gender, and queer. All three Neo-Marxist propositions conclude that there is systemic racial, gender, and/or sexual oppression. Often these victimology fables overlap, according to the proponents. For this fusion, when it occurs, the woke revolutionaries have invented something they call “intersectionality”.  

DIE sessions focusing on Critical Race Theory morally castigate heterosexual whites (preferably males) for their “whiteness”. Black, Hispanic (usually dark-skinned), and Asian American work personnel are couched into accepting their “victimhood”. When the woke corporate training courses concentrate on Gender Ideology and Critical Queer Theory, transgenderism and sexual anarchy are touted, not in obvious terms, of course. They are presented as “defending” LGBT and cross-generational sexual encounter rights. 

Language alteration, especially pronouns, is a major tool. The idea is to criminalize, or at least ostracize, equality before the law and crush free expression and opinion. Equity is the antithesis of equality. The objective of cultural Marxism is the same as its classical premise: the death of free republics, their institutions, and their capitalist system.

An Emerging Rise Against These Tactics

Some corporations are beginning to fight back. Jesse Powell, the CEO of Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange and bank giant, has recently announced that identity politics warfare, will not be tolerated. Unlike communist regimes who would jail their opposition, Kraken’s woke guerrillas were given a generous four-month severance pay buyout package. About thirty employees, 1 percent of the Kraken workforce, will not abide by the company’s non-political position and leave. Powell insists that business and radical ideologies do not mix.    

Paul Fichtenbaum, the chief content officer of the sports news website The Athletic, recently articulated in a company directive, according to the Defector, that political activism in the workplace was unacceptable. This is a paramount first amendment protection step, considering that The New York Times, leftism’s favorite newspaper, purchased The Athletic. “We don’t want to stop people from having a voice and expressing themselves,” Fichtenbaum stated, “we just need to keep it from tipping over into the political space.” 

Aside from the respect for diversity and upholding genuine pluralism by not stifling political opinion and promoting Marxist dogma, it makes appears to make good economic sense to reject woke politics. Walt Disney Company, a leading advocate of the identity Marxist doctrines of Gender Ideology, Critical Queer Theory, as well as Critical Race Theory, witnessed on April 22 a 33 percent drop in a twelve-month period of its stock. The popular notion that “go woke, go broke”, is having serious repercussions. 

Americans are fed up with the sexualization of their children in public schools and libraries. Equating pedophilia with queer “rights” is abominable, and people are not being fooled by the Neo-Marxist cloaked plot to destroy fundamental institutions. Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans are tired of being cast as “victims” and the “exploited”. Whites are realizing that the notion of passing on collective sins of historical dimension to the present is cynical and self-serving. American businesses are rebelling against the tyranny of DIE propaganda. Socialist political formats have no place in the free enterprise system. The resistance to the woke attempted takeover of corporate America is welcome news.

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