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HR 1: The Death of Fair and Free Elections in America

The Death of Fair and Free Elections in AmericaHR 1: The Death of Fair and Free Elections in America.

The Democratic Party is one step closer to achieving their goal of assembling a one-party political system to accommodate a postmodern authoritarian regime.

This is not an exaggeration. With the passage last week in the House of Representatives of H. R. 1 or the laughably dubbed “For the People Act of 2021” along expected party lines of 220-210, with Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson being the sole Democratic defection, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was able to give the left the victory they had long been waiting for.

Only the Senate stands in the way of whether the United States will continue its typical historic pattern of harboring fair and free elections, or if the 2020 election methodological sham will be standardized and legally sanctioned, disregarding the Constitution, the rule of law, elemental precepts of electoral integrity, free speech, and basic tenets of popular sovereignty legitimacy. 

A more appropriately named “For the Democratic Party Elite Act of 2021” or H. R. 1, would within its 791 pages achieve numerous things, all structured to vanquish safeguards for election integrity and provide an accommodating space for widespread fraud, in addition to deconstructing strict constitutionally mandated states primacy in matters of election laws. Furthermore, it would stifle the opposition’s proficiency and ability to compete fairly, as well as decimate America’s rule of law system and standards.

The techniques found in the unsuitably branded “For the People Act” to effectively neuter American democracy by destroying its honest and competitive electoral model include the granting to the federal government the overriding power to run the nation’s elections, instead of the state legislatures, as the Constitution warrants.

The claims of election “fraud” in the 2020 presidential contest, principally stem from the overhauling of state election laws by spurious, non-constitutional entities like governors, secretaries of state and state courts. The changes to the election rules were argued on the basis of setting aside higher standards of scrutinization in the name of accommodating pandemic concerns. It appears the pandemic crisis will noy outlive itself, despite its massive decline in deaths and infections.    

H. R. 1 goes much deeper into breaching the Framer’s original constricts for America’s electoral legitimacy. The proposed law would mandate automatic voter registration in all 50 states, regardless of whether the state’s legislatures agree or not. This would mean that any time any person, whether legally documented or not, registers for any state service program, applies for a driver’s license, Medicaid benefits or Food Stamps, enrolls in a public university, college, and a host of other state license authorities, they would automatically be registered to vote. Additionally, same-day and online registration would be mandated.  

It is bad enough that in a system, like the American, where voting is totally voluntary, that people are forcibly registered to vote infringing on their right not to do so, but the greater evil of this sinister scheme is in the proposed laws attempt to eviscerate all the protective armory of a clean election process and pristine voter rolls.

The Democratic majority in the House seeks with this detrimental piece of tentative legislation to do away with signature and/or witness verification for absentee ballots for all states. Additionally, it would ban the requirement of voter identification when voting (believe it or not). In other words, a person could go vote in person without an ID and all that would be expected is the signing of a statement attesting that the voter is who he says he is. This massive relaxation of voter integrity screening measures would be mandated in all states.

To add insult to injury, H. R. 1 would prohibit state election officials from cleansing voter rolls by removing ineligible voters. Verifying the voter’s address, cross-referencing voter rolls, and eliminating registrants in general, regardless of the time that has passed, would be unlawful. To put this factor in another manner, the state’s obligation to preserve the integrity of the voting system by making sure that only legal votes are counted, would become an illegal act under H. R. 1. Furthermore, the bill protects non-citizens who vote from any penalty or prosecution if they were registered “automatically” as the proposed law seeks to do.

Minors as young as 16 would be forcibly registered to vote and most felons would be granted the ability to vote. Ballot harvesting, the practice of third-party entities canvassing for votes, would be permissible and compulsory in all states. The time frame in which states must accept mail-in ballots would be universally prescribed from the federal government, grossly overstepping on a state’s right and popular discretion to design electoral law specificity. Traditionally frowned upon practices like curbside voting, given the overarching facilitation that this procedure renders to election fraud, would be mandated nationwide. H. R. 1 appears to have included all the necessary gadgets to acclimate the stealing of an election.

The “For the People Act”, in addition to violating the Constitution by disregarding the primary role that state legislators have in the elaboration of electoral laws and seeking the removal of proven defenses against voter fraud and abuse, attempts to flagrantly censor the speech of the opposition by criminalizing the publication of “misleading information” about the elections.

This would be the federalization of Big Tech’s censorship, now carried out from the seat of the national government. It would become a federal crime of the highest caliber to question the validity of elections in any way that might discourage voting, as understood by the Democrats. This suppression of free speech this bill would state-mandate is akin to Google, Twitter, Facebook, and the leftist cabal’s confessed conspiracy against Donald Trump.    

As if the constitutional and civil rights violations H. R. 1 appears to transgress were not enough, serious ethical considerations make themselves obvious with the provision allowing politicians to utilize campaign funds for personal non-political related expenses. Perhaps it is no surprise to find in this bill sections calling for statehood in traditional Democratic voting bastions like Puerto Rico, and other United States territorial possessions. This tentative law denotes no shame in its obvious power grab stunt.

H. R. 1 would be better referenced as “For the Con Artists Act of 2021”. Its passage would, not only exasperate all the reasons for the gross irregularities and anomalies of the 2020 election. It would establish the mechanism to destroy American democracy’s signature element of checks and balances, limit free speech, induce political corruption and degrade elections to levels of an organized crime scam. Senate Republicans and a few Democratic senators that love America must stop this monstrosity. If it does not, Thomas Jefferson’s citation in the Declaration of Independence could become most relevant: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

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