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From Mickey to Mao: Disney and Critical Race Theory

From Mickey to Mao: Disney and Critical Race TheoryFrom Mickey to Mao: Disney and Critical Race Theory.

Mickey Mouse has gone communist. The Walt Disney Corporation (Disney) has fully embraced the liberticidal Critical Race Theory (CRT) and is aggressively implementing its doctrine through a corporate indoctrination scheme. Thanks to brave whistleblower employees who have come forward providing testimony and documentation, Disney’s woke transmutation is no longer a matter of secrecy and shadow inculcation. It is openly one where cultural Marxist proselytism is embedded in company policy.   

Christopher F. Rufo, a documentary film director, contributing editor at City Journal and a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, was approached by numerous Disney employees who provided hefty first-hand information about the fused corporate and ideological activism of this iconic American entertainment and mass media conglomerate. This monumental empire founded in 1923 by Walter Elias Disney, a stanch anticommunist, has become a dogmatic exponent and practitioner of Neo-Marxism’s CRT and Gender Ideology (GI). One of Rufo’s May 7th tweets which read “The Walt Disney Corporation claims that America was founded on ‘systemic racism,’ encourages employees to complete a ‘white privilege checklist,’ and separates minorities into racially-segregated ‘affinity groups’,” gave us an insight into the magnitude of this scandal. 


CRT, an amalgam offshoot from the communist Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory posit, is a uniquely American additive to the identity politics cultural Marxist consortium of grievance revolutionary, victimology action plans which include Critical Queer Theory, Critical Feminist Theory, Critical Postcolonial Theory, GI (among others). In specific, CRT relies epistemologically on fundamentally flawed readings of history, race relations, and power arrangements. The presupposition that an oppressive white-supremacist system underwrites life in America is at the heart of this absurdly delusional worldview.

Rufo confirms that multiple employees have related to him the bullying activity of “almost daily memos, suggested readings, panels, and seminars that [are] all centered around antiracism.” Disney, according to one source, is “completely ideologically one-sided.” Furthermore, corporate governance, according to the employees who spoke to Rufo, discourages conservative and Christian employees from expressing their views. Disney executives are peddling around CRT racist concepts like “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” and “white saviors,” upon their workforce, as if the company were a political movement.

Key to this indoctrination campaign is a series of training modules dubbed as being “antiracism”. One such propaganda segment is labeled “Allyship for Race Consciousness.” Here in this twenty-two-page document, Disney rampages employees to “take ownership of educating [themselves] about structural anti-Black racism” and to “work through feelings of guilt, shame, and defensiveness to understand what is beneath them and what needs to be healed.” When the corporate-approved agitprop states, literally, that the United States has a “long history of systemic racism and transphobia,” and equates the notion of “All Lives Matter” as antiblack racism, it is functioning as a subversive mouthpiece for the Marxist Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its underlying CRT ideology.

While some may foolishly juxtapose this Neo-Marxist form of warfare with the 1960’s civil rights movement, nothing can be further from the truth. The rallying cry of the civil rights effort was “I Am a Man.”  It did not say “I am a ‘black’ man”. The notion was wholly premised on equality, a staple of a liberal democracy and a pluralist society. Disney appears to keenly have absorbed and correctly interpreted cultural Marxism’s CRT canon. In another indoctrination module called “What Can I Do About Racism?”, Disney conveys to its workers that they should repudiate “equality” and in its place, substitute the CRT-ladened idea of “equity”. The fact that this calls for the implementation of black supremacy and violates all precepts of equality under the law, the equal protection and due process constitutional clauses and, ironically, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, sheds light on the fact that equality or fairness matters little to Marxists or, apparently, to woke capitalists.   

The aggressive posture of Disney, a historically emblematic American business is now feverishly promoting identity group warfare. It has gone as far as instituting separate training programs in segregated affinity groups. This sounds like leftism Jim Crow. Slavery of African Americans ended in the South, tentatively, with the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, and officially, with Abraham Lincoln’s Northern victory concluding the Civil War in 1865. One hundred years later, Republican-supported civil rights legislation ended segregation. Now communist BLM and woke corporate entities are conspiring to bring back segregation, inequality, and socialist authoritarian rule. Disney has substituted Mickey for Mao.

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