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Democrats Will Cheat Their Way into the 2022 Midterm Elections

Democrats Will Cheat Their Way into the 2022 Midterm Elections

Democrats Will Cheat Their Way into the 2022 Midterm Elections.

If the country can survive this latest deconstruction maneuver, it should make it to the midterm elections without any problems.

The Democrats are in desperation mode. They can already feel the red wave of the 2022 midterm elections that will block their chances to make America socialist. President Joe Biden embarrassed himself further and additionally alienated his party from the American people with a ludicrously charged speech in Georgia on Tuesday on electoral laws. Aside from the Trump derangement components of the presidential rant, it signaled the Democrat’s 2022 midterm election strategy: repeat the 2020 mail-in cheating scheme.

“The goal of the former president and his allies is to disenfranchise anyone who votes against them… That’s the kind of power you see in totalitarian states, not in democracies,” Biden insisted. The radicalness of the president’s language is in sync with his party’s leadership.

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has expressed similar ideological harangues. “While Republicans in Congress shamefully abandon their oath to defend our democracy and greenlight this brazen assault for their own political gain…” The Democrat leader equated Republicans with seditionists, in a press release of last November, for not supporting the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (Lewis Act or HR 4), an intent to nullify the constitutional primacy of state legislators in drafting election laws, giving that authority to the executive branch via the DOJ.

Following the cue from Biden’s war call in Atlanta, the House passed on Thursday, January 13, voting change legislation named after deceased Georgia congressman, John R. Lewis. Ironically, the bill is named after the civil rights activist and career politician who sat out presidents Donald Trump’s 2017 and George W. Bush’s 2001 inauguration ceremonies, on the ground of baseless claims that, both Republicans, stole the elections. A curious observation, since the Democrats and their far-left aligned corporate media and Big Tech oligarchy continuously seek to censor and criminalize expressions that raise valid objections about the integrity of the 2020 election.

The vote of 220-203 was clearly along party lines. The Lewis Act would effectively grant the DOJ the power to interfere in a state’s election, under the guise of it being incorporated into the 1965 Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA). This is a gross contradiction given the fact that the VRA is about promoting an equal right and HR 4 would afford unequal treatment of the law by facilitating special privileges on account of interpretations of racial factors. The tentative law would require districts with a “history of official voting discrimination” or if it is “racially polarized”, for example, the DOJ would have to approve the election procedure prior to the voting. In other words, this executive branch agency would gain veto power over state legislatures in crafting electoral laws. By this action, the Lewis Act would violate the Constitution (Article 2, Section 1) and trample the American Republic’s separation of power principle.

HR 4 is laded with Critical Race Theory equity grievances underpinning. The same Left that so eloquently confessed its 2020 election sins in the Molly Ball Times article simply sees it as a last-ditch opportunity to institutionalize the universal mail ballot free for all that plagued the last presidential elections with irregularities and brazen unfairness. The Senate stands in the way of this perversion of the nation’s electoral system. This explains Biden’s recent call for an end to the filibuster rule. Senate Democrats will try all sorts of gimmicks to make this happen. If America can survive this latest deconstruction maneuver, it should be smooth sailing into the midterms.

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