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Criminalizing Dissent in the Land of the Free

Criminalizing Dissent in the Land of the FreeCriminalizing Dissent in the Land of the Free.

It has already begun. The exercise of promoting the inefficacy of the opposition by criminalizing speech and political thought has begun to be carried out with a vengeance. Those who believed that American elections could only render a mere change at the helm with no systemic threat challenges, given the perception of sound institutional palladiums in place, have not fully understood what has been happening in America.

The dirty war against Trump

First, at a creepy-crawly speed with Barack Obama’s ascent into the presidency in 2008 and the soft power, gradualist approach to system overhaul. Then there was the idea that Hillary Clinton would surely win and carry leftism forward. Donald Trump’s unexpected 2016 presidential victory put the left in ballistic mode. From there, the socialist war for power went to a different level. Constant resistance against the new Republican administration ensued.

An invented Russia collusion conspiracy theory along with a wild federal probe followed, producing no relevant criminal conviction, and then the discredited impeachment trial, etc. The coronavirus authoritarian shutdowns convinced some that American society could be domesticated and it served as a formidable laboratory experiment. The Black Lives Matter/Antifa uprising since May 2020, took socialist revolutionary action to unimagined heights. 


From city streets to corporate boardrooms through to our favorite consumer products and sporting programs, the indoctrinating stamp of Marxist subversion has been everywhere. Anyone who dare publicly question or condone this threat to liberty, is ostracized at best and in some instances, criminally charged for “hate” crimes. Violence became glorified by the “social justice” cultural Marxist agenda. Now that the oblique and questionable 2020 election undertaking has settled in, the thought that the presidency, both chambers of congress, mass and social media, the oligarchic technocracy, woke commercial empires and Hollywood are all in power, it now becomes the common people and the brave opposition, the only actors to temper the intended illiberal onslaught.          

What the cultural front reveals

We are already witnessing early signs of this.  Rick Klein, political director of ABC News, recently suggested in a January 7th, tweet that America needs to “cleanse” itself of Trump supporters. The since deleted tweet but conserved in a photo screen shot, reads: “Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.” This is outrageous and should have been rebuked by his peers. This barbarousness is unacceptable as it suggests genocide for political thought.

When Barack Obama denigratingly referred, in 2008, to rural, blue-collar, working-class people as those who “cling to their guns or religion”, he had the future Trump supporter in mind as has been stereotyped by the left. Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” characterization of Trump supporters at a fundraiser in New York City in 2016, reiterates this same elitist disdain for basically half the country.

The left hates Trump and his supporters because they embody an opposition capable of mobilizing the masses and affronts the left’s claim to hold a monopoly on knowledge. This opposition is viewed by the woke establishment as being brutish and unworthy of First Amendment protections. The treatment of violence is a strong case in point that highlights the gross moral double standard.

Violence and its use through idelogical lens

The condemnation of violence as political expression is conveniently swerved to fit worldview objectives. The left are master hypocrites in this specialization. They use, approve, and rationally defend its use when its purported mission subscribes to its implementation. When it is utilized by the opposition, as in the case of the Capitol Building assault, which was carried out principally by supporters of the president, the left cynically converts into Gandhian missionaries. If there was not such overwhelming evidence of their apology for its weaponization when it is employed in favored activities, this would not be so tragic.

The examples of this hypocritical farce by the left abounds. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined a Black Live Matter (“BLM”) protest, two days after the Marxist group attempted to burn down St. John’s Episcopal Church, in June 2020. So large scale was this terrorist act, that the president of the United States had to be evacuated from the White House quarters as a result.

The presence of the top figure of the House at this event was a clear message of validation of this insidious act. Democratic Representative Ted Lieu from California insisted, in 2018, that there would be “widespread civil unrest” if the president exercised his lawful duty and fired Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This could sound like a threatening call to arms. Hillary Clinton stated that “you can’t be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for”. That certainly sounds like a declaration of violent war against Republicans. This echoes what the Castro regime in Cuba says about the opposition.

Hillary Trump and Why Civility Cant Return To Politics

The accusations against President Trump for being the intellectual author of the Capitol Building incident based on his rhetoric at the rally, are absurd. If those are the parameters for accusing someone of inciting a riot, then a good many prominent Democrats would need to go to jail.

Former attorney general, Eric H. Holder Jr. citing Michelle Obama’s peddling of a turn-the-other cheek analogy, said “when they go low, we kick them”. Believe it or not, this violence provocateur was the nation’s Attorney General from 2009-2015. Holder sadly remains a respected figure within the left. This list goes all the way to the top. The now certified President-Elect, Joe Biden, in 2018, said that if they were in high school he would “beat the hell” out of Trump.  

The issue of violence, with the left, is not one of right versus wrong. Well, in a way it is. The “right” in political terms, specifically the New Right, is the opposition to be eliminated. The Democratic Party and the media-techno-globalist complex know that their main obstacle to hegemonic control, in the United States, is the conservative, nationalist, faith-based, constitutionalist, free enterprise mass movement that Trump gave a voice to.

They are after Trump, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz and other brave and lawful republicans who have challenged their claim to political dominance because they are its leaders. Violence, as Biden so shamelessly said when referring to Antifa, is just an “idea” when it is practiced by the left. The BLM revolt is, according to this perverse logic, a provocative but acceptable form of social discontent expression. Hypocrisy and soft power authoritarianism are reaching new heights. Democracy is perilously under threat.

Antifa is just an idea Biden

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