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César Vidal: ‘This a Fight Between Patriots and Globalists’

César Vidal: ‘This a Fight Between Patriots and Globalists’César Vidal: ‘This a Fight Between Patriots and Globalists’.

Democracy is at risk and it is attributable primarily to the strategic assault by globalists, so stated in this interview for the El American, César Vidal. Spanish by birth and now an American citizen by nature of exile, this prolific author (written over 120 books), attorney, historian, theologian, linguist, translator, columnist, and media commentator, now with a full range news analysis program at, establishes the practical link between the Athenian democracy paradox and the current model that the enemies of liberty aspire to remake of the world. 

Vidal’s notion of globalism goes beyond the simple context of left versus right. It is a worldview which seeks an internationalist, elitist order that would impose a non-democratic postmodern regime and utilizes many fronts in its quest for power such as multiculturalism, Gender Ideology, Critical Theory, political scientism, green or eco-socialism, and a global economic scheme that has pillaged American and first world country workers. Vidal calls sees this as a fight between patriots and globalists. 

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Cesar Vidal interviewThis fructiferous and multifaceted thinker sees the roadmap for this globalist war against humanity as a ferocious first line attack on the nation, family, and God. In other words, everything in globalism’s blueprint for destroying liberal democracy, consists of different avenues to reach these three targets.

The strengthening of the conception of the nation, of the institution of family, and of closer bonds with God, particularly with Christianity, the fortitude base for Western civilization, offers hope and signals a clear path for defending and preserving freedom and the democratic model. Thus, in the case of the United States, Vidal points to the Trump phenomena as a turn in the right direction, despite whatever shortcomings the 45th president may have. America, he emphatically stresses the point, is still the world’s most formidable bastion of freedom. 

This most interesting conversation with César Vidal is part of El American’s short interview series.


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