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Black Lives Matter’s Racist War Against White Christmas

Black Lives Matter’s Racist War Against White Christmas

Black Lives Matter’s Racist War Against White Christmas.

Hypocrisy, double-standards, and a socialist intellectual swindle is what BLM is all about. Fortunately, most black Americans reject this insidious radicalism, which is now calling for a boycott of Christmas.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is calling for a boycott of all “white” businesses during the 2021 Christmas season. So important is this position to the Marxist organization, that they have even established an auxiliary website, “”, as well the usage of their social media sites, for the explicit purpose of launching this initiative. It is targeted to run from Black Friday, November 26 to January 1, 2022. BLM has made clear that its mission is not about racial equality. In fact, it is not really entirely even about race. Their war on a “white” Christmas highlights this fact.

Mockingly rewording Bing Crosby’s classic 1942 hit White Christmas, to fit the Critical Race Theory (CRT) narrative, BLM has ravaged it beyond recognition on their digital platform. “Someday at Christmas we’ll see a land, With no killer cops with guns in their hand”, partly goes the virulent rant. This venomous parody of the Irving Berlin tune (the songwriter), winner of the 1942 Academy Awards for Best Original Song in the musical film Holiday Inn, was consciously chosen for the undertaking because of all that surrounds this formidable piece. Selling over 100 million copies, White Christmas is arguably one of the most successful musical production of all time. Additionally, it relates a vision of America that Marxists detest. 

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BLM is connected to the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory

BLM is a wholly crafted product of cultural Marxism (a/k/a Neo-Marxism). Epistemologically married to the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory (CT) political religion, it incorporates numerous divisions within CT’s identity politics maze. Sharing the worldview objectives of the 1960s Black Power movements such as the Black Panthers, and black liberation theology, BLM has strengthened that intellectual Molotov cocktail of CRT, with Critical Feminist Theory, Critical Legal Theory, Gender Ideology, Critical Queer Theory, Critical Post-Colonial Theory, and the newly added, Critical Whiteness Theory. All these “intersectional” approaches of Neo-Marxism work strategically to undermine America’s republican mode of government, its capitalist economic system, the Christian faith which is its moral cohesive agent and Western Civilization.

This racist “Blackxmas” campaign, which is irreconcilably divorced from the actual purpose of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, allows BLM to hone their message in tune with its ideological bedrocks. When they say “We’re dreaming of a #BlackXmas”, it directs action against buying or conducting other commercial transactions with “white” companies. According to BLM’s LA organizer, Jan Williams, “Capitalism doesn’t love Black people.” Thus, the delirious basis for the communist group’s crusade against “white-supremacist-capitalism”.

Racial hypocrisy: BLM ironically accepts money from white-run organizations

The irony of BLM’s opening racist policy of waging battle against white businesses during the 2021 Christmas season is the convenient limit of their black supremacy campaign. BLM has no problem with accepting money from white-owned or white-run companies. If capitalism were, as these Neo-Marxists claim, a “white-supremacist” based model, how can they morally accept money from whites? Even taking donations from white woke folks would be an ethical inconsistency, since according to CRT dogma, “whiteness” is group determined and irredeemable, except for system overthrow and overhaul.

An immoral proposition, such as the pagan, Marxist “Blackxmas” scheme, has nothing to do with morality or race relations. It is a black supremacist proposition, beholden to cultural Marxist premises and strategies, that not even its most important proponents abide by. When Patrisse Khan-Cullors decided to buy her $1.4 million estate, the BLM co-founder chose to live in a predominantly high-income white location in trendy Topanga Canyon, a flashy Los Angeles County outlet near Malibu. A place, coincidently, filled with successful capitalists. Hypocrisy, double-standards, and a socialist intellectual swindle is what BLM is all about. Fortunately, most black Americans reject this insidious radicalism.

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🖋️Author Julio M. Shiling

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