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Biden’s Political Prisoners

Biden’s Political PrisonersBiden’s Political Prisoners

This is the prelude to derailing the opposition. It is abominable that this could occur in our country


The U.S. has been heading down the wrong path. Obama’s Democratic Party, aligned with elite media, Big Tech, and woke capitalists are seeking to install an authoritarian regime that can enforce their scripted variants of cultural Marxism. Organized “leaks” of Supreme Court proceedings, sanctioning mob rule to undo the checks and balances on the path towards socialism and a Marxist Mickey Mouse promoting Gender Ideology are all symptoms of the targeted undermining of the American Republic. It should surprise no one and alarm everybody that political prisoners exist in the U.S. today.

The Jan. 6 Capitol Building breach was an unlawful act. It was trespassing and there was vandalism. Applicable laws should address these grievances. What we are witnessing, however, is the utilization of the judicial system, facilitated by its jurisdictional geographical location, to clamp down on the opposition. Miles of video surveillance recordings affirms that most of the intruding Americans who entered the Capitol Building that day, did so through open doors and many were met by greeting police officers. While it will take a shift in power in Washington to get to the bottom of what really happened on Jan. 6, one thing is certain, this was not an “insurrection”, much less an attempt to “overthrow” the government.

To believe that a rowdy, trespassing crowd engaged in mostly picture-taking inside a federal building, could somehow be equated with an insurgency to topple the government is preposterous. Not a single Capitol Building intruder was porting arms. It was an unlawful and regrettable act. It was not, however, sedition, an insurrection, or a conspiracy to bring about a systemic downfall...

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