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Biden’s Political Prisoners

Biden’s Political PrisonersBiden’s Political Prisoners

This is the prelude to derailing the opposition. It is abominable that this could occur in our country

The U.S. has been heading down the wrong path. Obama’s Democratic Party, aligned with elite media, Big Tech, and woke capitalists are seeking to install an authoritarian regime that can enforce their scripted variants of cultural Marxism. Organized “leaks” of Supreme Court proceedings, sanctioning mob rule to undo the checks and balances on the path towards socialism and a Marxist Mickey Mouse promoting Gender Ideology are all symptoms of the targeted undermining of the American Republic. It should surprise no one and alarm everybody that political prisoners exist in the U.S. today.

The Jan. 6 Capitol Building breach was an unlawful act. It was trespassing and there was vandalism. Applicable laws should address these grievances. What we are witnessing, however, is the utilization of the judicial system, facilitated by its jurisdictional geographical location, to clamp down on the opposition. Miles of video surveillance recordings affirms that most of the intruding Americans who entered the Capitol Building that day, did so through open doors and many were met by greeting police officers. While it will take a shift in power in Washington to get to the bottom of what really happened on Jan. 6, one thing is certain, this was not an “insurrection”, much less an attempt to “overthrow” the government.

To believe that a rowdy, trespassing crowd engaged in mostly picture-taking inside a federal building, could somehow be equated with an insurgency to topple the government is preposterous. Not a single Capitol Building intruder was porting arms. It was an unlawful and regrettable act. It was not, however, sedition, an insurrection, or a conspiracy to bring about a systemic downfall.

Revolutions need martyrs and aggressors. The 2020 Marxist uprising following the death of George Floyd, a convicted felon, was the spark used to truly attempt to bring about a revolutionary overhaul of the existing order. Culprits, as well as victims, are also needed. Thus, the Left fabricated a white national supremacist conspiracy theory to fit the narrative that could potentially ferment a policy to criminalize dissent. Domestic terrorism, following leftism’s successful 2020 election maneuver, desperately needed villains on which to attempt to embed Neo-Marxist dogmas like critical race theory, and gender ideology into the nation’s psychological frame of mind.

The Jan. 6 perpetrators have been the chosen group from which to promote a soft terror campaign against the 75 million Americans who sympathize with Donald Trump or Trumpian Republicanism. When Biden called the MAGA movement, the “most extreme” group in recent U.S. history on May 4, he was echoing the sentiment of the radical left that encompasses America’s oldest party (Democratic Party). This scandalous statement by the current American president embodies the abuse of political power that has been in practice since taking office in January 2021.

The District of Columbia (DC) may well be the most leftist enclave on earth. This territorial location, where most of its residents could easily classify as socialists, is the venue where most of the trials against the Capitol Building intruders are being held. The DC is an anomaly in America’s demographic landscape. It truly is an enclave of leftism. The U.S. Attorney for the DC, Matthew Graves, has been successful in obtaining guilty verdicts by jurors against the Jan. 6 defendants. This should surprise no one, given the pool of jurors that live in this district. Now Kathryn Rakoczy, the chief prosecutor of Graves’ legal army, is seeking potential life sentences for some Jan. 6 perpetrators.

Some members of the Oath Keepers have been specifically singled out in this judicial miscarriage. Biden’s Department of Justice has been strategically seeking guilty plea deals from the defendants. Under the threat of the intimidating guillotine of lifetime sentences, most have succumbed and accepted charges for crimes, they did not commit. The purpose of securing from the defendants a guilty plea of “seditious conspiracy” and “obstruction of an official proceeding”, even if they committed no such crime, is to fabricate the premise of domestic terrorism. This is the prelude to derail the opposition. It is abominable that this could occur in the U.S.

The implicated were not charged with weapons possession. They were not remotely carrying anything that could be construed as such. The cited Oath Keepers did not destroy any property, subsequently, there are no charges of vandalism. Additionally, they entered the Capitol Building after the joint of Congress had recessed. In other words, they did not interrupt any congressional actions. Nonetheless, the socialist assault needs its aggressors to establish the alibi for repression.   

We are witnessing a criminal assault on America. The principle of the rule of law is being tampered with. The Biden administration is, shamefully, maintaining political prisoners.

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